How Big Is Too Big?


We all know that the cost of weddings has increased in the last few decades.

Truthfully, nearly everything has. Take a look at the simplicity of cars and homes built from the 1960s on and you’ll see our taste for everything has expanded along with the costs.

The big thing about weddings is that everything multiplies with the number of guests. Cut your guest list and cut your budget.

Recently we did a poll of married couples, a mix of recently married couples, couples married 20 or more years and couples where one or both work in the wedding industry.

An overwhelming number of people who responded said they wished they had a smaller wedding and cut the budget, either to save money or to reinvest where they thought they had skimped.

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The math is pretty simple: For each couple you remove from your list you save on the cost of two dinners, two pieces of wedding cake, and one invitation.

It might not sound like a lot but for every four couples, you can add to that the cost on one linen and one centerpiece.

So, how big is too big?

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