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This bachelorette party fest came to our Head Over Heels team from Orlando Perfect Wedding Guide vendor Apollo’s Chariots.

It includes some wonderful, unique party ideas regardless of where you are located, and it goes without saying being safe and hiring a driver is the best way to go!

So I know everyone has heard of the traditional bachelorette party. Residing in Central Florida the majority of my adult life, it has never been hard to find a group of girls with matching shirts and bride to be adorned in her pink sash all taking shots out of tiny shot glass necklaces (that may or may not look like shot glasses if you know what I mean). Don’t get me wrong, that is always a good time…but for those of you looking for a slightly more unique bachelorette party idea near the Orlando area….I have some ideas to share! 

Casino Night Bachelorette Party Idea 

Whether you are attending a casino or hosting one at home, get dolled up and get ready to play your favorite card games! If staying in – Have fun prizes ladies can pick from when cashing their chips in, as a fun keepsake of your night together. Make it even more exciting by hiring some hot guys to be the card dealers and bartenders for the night–shirts optional (for the guys…keep your shirts on ladies!!) 

If going out- I recommend the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Tampa for an exciting and classy vibe or to add a bit more to your night I recommend a Victory Casino Cruise departing from Cape Canaveral. 

Lingerie Bachelorette Party Idea 

Send the Bride on her honeymoon with an entirely new lingerie wardrobe! She will absolutely love this bachelorette party idea and I’m sure the groom will be thanking you! Every guest brings a sexy/cute piece of lingerie for the Bride to be. You can even turn it into a fun game by having the Bride guess who gave her each piece! It doesn’t have to be all lingerie though, toss in some sexy gag gifts for the Wedding night – like edible undies or a strip poker game. Serve a signature cocktail with a cute “lingerie” name like “The Red Garter” and some party snacks that keep up with the theme. Don’t forget to purchase a funny bedroom favor for each guest to take home…may I suggest fuzzy handcuffs? 

“Gettin’ Hitched” Western Bachelorette Party Idea 

If your Bride is a Florida girl then she might also be a down-home southern girl, this country bachelorette party idea will have her line dancing to George Strait, and singing Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy as loud as she can! 

Start at home with some fun country themed drinks and add some country bachelorette outfits, like a Western Bride hat with veil, or a Getting Hitched Tank top. Pass out cold ones in boot-shaped koozies or mason jars that say “She’s Getting Married y’all” as take-home favors for the guests. After pre-gaming at home, head on out (in a limo of course) to the Barn in Sanford or Cowboys in Orlando for some loud county music, line dancing, and authentic sexy cowboys! 

“Olympics” Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Idea 

Compete with the opposing team (aka losing team) the Bachelor Party for a playful coed event or if you have a large bachelorette party, break the bachelorette girls into 2 groups and have them compete against each other in this fun Olympic themed Bachelorette party idea! Dress in “Team Bride” and “Team Groom” shirts. Create competitive events that are Wedding themed and outrageous for the Bride’s friends to compete against each other in. If you want to take this party out try out one of the many escape rooms, Laser Tag, or Paintball venues in Orlando. Then again….Drinking is a sport too, right?? 

Brunch Bachelorette Party Idea 

Calling all Babes who Brunch! No one ever said a bachelorette party has to be at night. Meet at your favorite brunch place or book a limo to arrive in style for yummy food and more importantly bottomless mimosas! For a laid back feel with southern styled, lots of carbs, yumminess try The Porch in Winter Park. If you are looking for a more trendy and downtown atmosphere check out The Stubborn Mule in Orlando. 

Don’t want to go out? Host brunch at your place! Make French Toast, mini quiches, fruit salad, or have an omelet station set up. Be sure to add some flair to your drinks with some cute themed drink stirrers or monogrammed glasses. Whether you’re going out or staying in, it’s a sure bet no one will be “hangry” after this delicious food and Champaign filled bachelorette Party Idea! 

And there you have it! I hope you guys have enjoyed some of these non-traditional bachelorette party ideas! If by chance you all are still reading this…. I’d just like to say that In conclusion, I feel all Bachelorette parties should include that fun obnoxious pink sash fashion statement and “hotdog shaped” drinking glasses (yes, even at brunch)…..Cheers!!

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