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What Should a Wedding Planner Have Day of Wedding?

What, exactly, should a wedding planner have handy the day of a wedding? We’d love to simply say “everything”, but that’s a little unrealistic. Weddings typically have a lot of moving parts and several different vendors, and everyone usually turns to the wedding planner when they need something. Having an “emergency kit” prepared to have […] Read more…

What Flowers Match Your Zodiac Sign?

When you can get almost any flower in any color you want, which do you choose? Whether you’re putting together your bridal bouquets or simply looking to dress up your event table, we have the flowers you should choose based on your sign. Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Lily of the Valley  Cancers are […] Read more…

These Celebrities Tied the Knot in June

We’re barely into the start of Summer and the celebrities are in full nuptial swing. As the temperatures heat up, so does the commitment level of these star-powered couples…and WE ARE HERE FOR IT. Here are the top celebrity weddings of June 2019 Chris Pratt & Katherine Swartzenegger The only thing more shocking than Chris […] Read more…

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