What Should a Wedding Planner Have Day of Wedding?


What, exactly, should a wedding planner have handy the day of a wedding? We’d love to simply say “everything”, but that’s a little unrealistic.

Weddings typically have a lot of moving parts and several different vendors, and everyone usually turns to the wedding planner when they need something. Having an “emergency kit” prepared to have with you is a great idea to prevent forgetting something. Some items may sound a little ridiculous, but you truly never know what could happen!

Here are the major items that we think are absolutely necessary for a wedding planner emergency kit:

First aid items: Advil, antacid, non-drowsy allergy medication, basic first aid kit, Hand Sanitizer, tissues, tampons/pads, bug spray

Beauty items: Bobby pins, makeup wipes, eyelash glue, clear nail polish, hairspray, hairbrush, q-tips, mini manicure kit (nail file, clippers, etc.), lotion, contact solution, deodorant, mints

Wardrobe fixes: Safety pins, scissors, sewing kit, lint roller, white chalk (to cover up stains on bride’s dress), lace up hook, Tide pen, wrinkle spray, fashion tape

Floral supplies: White and ivory ribbon (thick and thin), pins, floral tape and clippers, hot glue and glue gun, boutonniere pins

Production items: Pens, sharpies, highlighters, lighter, electrical tape, Scotch tape, packing tape, scissors, AAA & AA batteries, tape measure, sandwich bags, zip ties, phone charger

Anything else you can possibly think of!

It’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. What else can you think of that you’d keep in your emergency kit?

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