Fun Activities to Plan for Your Guests at a Destination Wedding


Destination wedding activities are a great way to explore and relax before the big day!

Destination weddings are also a great way to bring all of your loved ones together for a much-earned vacation in a beautiful setting. But, all of your guests are traveling to an area they know nothing about for an extended time, so they’ll be expecting some plans to be made for them.

Welcome Bonfire

Embracing the outdoors and enjoying all that your destination has to offer is a great way to welcome your guests at a casual bonfire. Food, drinks, and a festive mood will provide a great welcome party!

Scavenger Hunt

If your wedding is in a destination with a walkable city, this is a great way to encourage your loved ones to explore and see the city, while adding an element of competition!


Taking a guided or non-guided hike with your family and friends is a great way to get in a workout while also exploring nature and catching up with loved ones!

Winery Tour or Bar Crawl

Does your destination have a winery (or a few more) nearby? Or do you have a younger crowd coming to your wedding? Hosting an event involving the nightlife scene might be perfect!

Snorkeling, Kayaking, Boating

If your destination is surrounded by water, why not get out there and explore it? Snorkeling, kayaking, and boating are all really great for group activities.

Zip Lining

Feeling adventurous? Cruise through the wilderness on a zip line! Nothing gets the pre-wedding jitters out like an adrenaline rush.

Morning-After Brunch

Hosting an organized event the day after your wedding is a great way to recap the night and enjoy that newlywed high! Get everyone together in the late morning for some breakfast, mimosas, and to share some memories.

What activities have you participated in at a destination wedding? 

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