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The History of the Wedding Cake

The traditional wedding cake as we know it has been around for hundreds of years. Although many variations on the theme have sprung up since it first became popular, the tiered, white-iced, classic has stood the test of time. But how did it all start? Use Your Loaf In Antiquity, the very first wedding cakes […] Read more…

Wedding Cakes

10 Beyond Beautiful Wedding Cakes

The phrase “icing on the cake” was coined with good reason: The sweet finishing touch takes a great thing and makes it even better. Here are some amazingly beautiful wedding cakes for you to browse so you too can select the sweetest option. Photo by Clane Gessel Photography Featured in Woodland Weddings Photo by Rosenlee […] Read more…

Alternative Wedding Dessert Ideas

Love dessert? But not sure if it’s okay to add different desserts on your wedding day? Let us tell you, it is! Whether it’s cupcakes, donuts or a candy bar, it’s okay to have something other than wedding cake. We’ve put together some of our favorite alternative desserts perfect for your wedding. Donuts What’s great […] Read more…

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