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Tips to Save Your Wedding Party Money

The cost of being a wedding party attendant ranges significantly depending upon many factors. An average quoted by many wedding experts is $1,500… and believe it or not, some attendants might pay more than twice that! Some of the most common expenses include wardrobe purchases or rentals, hair and makeup styling, and gifts for the […] Read more…

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Wedding Gift Etiquette Made Simple

Getting engaged is such an exciting time. However, the exhilaration of saying “I will” can quickly be replaced by the overwhelming concerns surrounding planning a wedding. I designed my Smart Start series to take the worry out of planning your wedding. Smart Start will be delivered to your inbox every week filled with tips on […] Read more…

Real Wedding in Boca Raton

Who Makes the Cut for Your Bridal Party?

When it comes to selecting your bridal party your list may seem endless. Between your siblings, your sorority sisters, your high school friends, work besties, and lifelong friends, it may be difficult to know where the list should end. If having 14+ people standing beside you isn’t your cup of tea (which is normal), we’ve […] Read more…

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