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Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Who would have thought that one wedding accessory would cause so many brides so much stress? Seriously, there are more problems and challenges related to this one purchase than anything else at your wedding. Here are some simple steps to eliminate your stress in buying shoes for your big day: Who Are You Marrying? No […] Read more…

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Do Something Sweet

It’s nearly Valentine’s day! And, whether you are hoping that your fiancé is going to pop the question over a romantic dinner; or recently engaged and planning something special, these treats are the perfect complement to a fantastic evening. We found these special Valentine’s Day touches and knew we had to share them with all […] Read more…

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Let The Parties Begin!

Congratulations on your engagement! If you are reading this, chances are, you are among the thousands of couples recently engaged, and you’re setting off on the journey of wedding planning. To get things started you need a little practice… Fiancé or is it fiancée? “from the French in the mid-19th century, importing both the masculine […] Read more…

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Bachelorette Party Gone Wrong

Sorry, Monday might be too early in the week to share this. I’ve only had one cup of coffee, so my head is ready to explode. I’ve been reading articles online about “Sarah’s Bachelorette Party,” and we need to talk. It seems that ‘Sarah” texted her bridal party after her bachelorette party and sent them […] Read more…

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Our Head Over Heels couples came to us with questions about toasts at their weddings. The discussion centered around two simple things – who and when! So, we went to some of our Perfect Wedding Guide experts in planning, catering and other vendors who wanted to weigh in. Who Should Toast The answer to this […] Read more…

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Vendor Success = Wedding Success

Today’s blog post suggestion came to us from Atlanta Perfect Wedding Guide vendor, Jan Levie of Handy Entertainment. They offer unique interactive entertainment for weddings and events in the greater Atlanta region. Jan shared some awesome points that too many couples overlook leading up to their wedding day. Here’s what Jan shared that can help […] Read more…

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