Learn How to REST, not QUIT!

Learn How to REST, not QUIT!

It’s the middle of December, are you tired yet?

Add to that crazy busyness if you’re planning your wedding! Whew!

Learn to rest, and not to quit!

Learning to rest when we’re stressed might be super hard, especially if you’re wedding planning and you have a lot of things to cross off your list! With a little careful organization, a little planning, and being gentle on yourself you’ll get more done, and without pulling your hair out!

Don’t quit on a task, especially when you’re tired or overwhelmed. Often, we just need to learn to REST, to step back and take a breath. Then coming back to planning seems more do-able.

  • Take a look at your Do It List, and make sure that things are prioritized in a way that is REALISTIC.
  • Know what to book first! Venues, photographers wedding planners and videographers usually book up the soonest PLUS they drive the rest of your decisions.
  • Don’t put too many tough tasks on one day!
  • Do the important things first and either let the other things slide for awhile or ask someone else to help!
  • Allow yourself a treat when you accomplish something! (After all self-care is job one!)
  • When you prioritize your list, how do you decide what is most important? Things that have an expiration date like payments due, calls to confirm numbers, dates for fittings and the like.
  • Hire wedding professionals who can ease your mind!
  • Don’t forget to call in a wedding planner, either full service, or day of planning. You’ll find this eases a LOT of stress right off the bat!
  • Share your concerns (and your list!!) with a trusted member of your wedding party! You’ll find that having someone who can be objective, who can listen, and who can help if needed will keep you from over-reacting. (Maybe just a little— but everything matters!)

Planning your wedding, and your holidays……………. and everything else that might be on your list………….. is all going to get done! Plan your work, work your plan, call on experienced wedding pros to help!

What is the biggest item on YOUR list today? Write it down. Experts say that when we write something down that is stressing us out, we are more easily able to see if it is a problem that needs solving or if it’s just our mind making chatter.


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