Let’s Talk COLOR!

Let’s Talk COLOR!

We’ve been talking color lately, how about we keep that up?

Coming up with a color theme for your wedding, creating a design board, deciding on the mood, whatever! ———–Need a little help?

We’ve got you!

Color is Eye Candy, pure and simple!

Deciding on a color palette for anything can be difficult— but for a wedding? Probably harder still!In many cases fabulous color combinations within a palette are more than likely not ones you would think about putting together yourself. (I see you nodding your head!)Using a pack of old fashioned colored pencils or crayons is a good place to start—- really! Doodling at it’s finest. Watercolors, great! Chips from the paint store? Awesome!
But WHAT IF you feel that you need a little bit of help to jump start your color creativity? Maybe something else to do the heavy lifting?Using some of the ‘color pickers’ available online can open up a whole new world for the color in your life! 🙂 Some will allow you to create your own palette, some will suggest a color palette for you based on your input, some have all the tools! Experiment a little bit and see which one(s) work for you. Bonus? They are wonderful on computer doodly things to beat stress!Design Seeds
Launched in May of 2009 by Jessica Colaluca, Design Seeds has evolved into an international creative community who share a passion for inspiration. Use one of their many already created color collections or invent your own!
FX ColorSlightly less user friendly but fun to play with and see if it’s right for your design toolbox.
More user friendly and not as up front pretty as Design Seeds—- but some users will appreciate the straightforward design leaving more space for their own input.
Maybe you’d like something that will generate a color palette from a photo or image? (Plus this is pure zone out zen, ask us how we know!) Palette Generator is one from this category. ” Find design inspiration with natural image palletes extracted using k-means algorithm. This palette generator will create a color palette based on the predominant colors in your image. You can use it in your art projects, web design or home decor.”For example, we plugged in the image above into Palette Generator’s easy to use tool and within seconds it offered the colors seen below:
Maybe you have something in your home you’d like to use as inspiration? Or a zillion other things! Imagine if you used the colors from a photo of a bridal bouquet? Or bridesmaids dresses? Or groomsmens vests??? Etc???We used the image of a pillow below to generate another scheme:
We’re excited to know that you’re discovering new ways to discover colors, to find fun opportunities to make YOUR colorscheme truly unique & truly you!


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