No Passport Required Honeymoon Destinations

No Passport Required Honeymoon Destinations

While you can choose to go anywhere in the world on your honeymoon, there are also unlimited options for fabulous newlywed trips that don’t require a passport. Our friends at Exquisite Destination Weddings & Honeymoons have shared some top spots to spark your imagination – some classic spots, and some that are not as well known – but all that are perfect for romantic relaxation and recreation. With options here of lakes, big cities, tropical islands, and cruises, we’ve included one luxury option and one more affordable “budget” (but still honeymoon-worthy) option of where to stay at each destination.

Lake Powell

Like no other place on earth, Lake Powell is a unique environment that is evocative of a moonscape, with deserts, colorful, ancient rock formations, and crystal clear blue water. Lake Powell offers excellent opportunities for you to enjoy a romantic honeymoon retreat with a decided focus on fun water activities. While many people rent houseboats to tour the coves and inlets, you can also enjoy all that Lake Powell has to offer while staying at a resort.

A short drive from the lake is Amangiri, the ultimate desert luxury resort experience.

The Lake Powell Resort is right on the lake, with spectacular views.


Mackinac Island

Known as the jewel of the Great Lakes, you will enjoy beautiful vistas, shopping, and walking or biking tours during the day, and watch the town transform at night with its vibrant music and bar scene. No cars are allowed on Mackinac (pronounced “Mack–ih–naw”) Island except for fire and police vehicles, so grab a bicycle or hail a horse-drawn carriage to explore this idyllic vacation setting.

The Grand Hotel is a famous, historic resort that tops many “Best Of” lists, and has the “world’s longest porch”!

The Harbour View Inn is a quaint, historic, romantic retreat.


New Orleans

New Orleans is a vibrant, bursting-at-the-seams, melting pot of a city that famously inspires indulgence. This is the place to eat, drink, listen to jazz or R&B, take part in a parade, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Attend one of their world-class festivals, take a paddlewheel steamboat river trip or a bayou swamp tour, and relish the memories you’ll make at legendary spots like Café du Monde and Bourbon Street.

The 4-star Ritz Carlton New Orleans resides in an elegant, historic, Beaux Arts building.

In the heart of the French Quarter is the historic and utterly charming Le Richelieu Hotel.

New Orleans Kayak Swamp Tours



Manhattan is home to captivating neighborhoods and world-class attractions, ranging from museums and Broadway theater, to a variety of cuisine that is as diverse as you’ll find. Your honeymoon in “The City That Never Sleeps” will be filled with thrilling memories, as you visit iconic locations such as Central Park, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grand Central Terminal, and many more.

The renowned Plaza Hotel should be a stop on your itinerary even if you don’t stay there (Yes, it’s THE Plaza Hotel from Eloise at The Plaza!)

The Hudson Hotel is a cool, stylish, boutique hotel in Midtown.


St. John
U.S. Virgin Islands

St. John is perfect for those seeking a relaxing, tropical island adventure without the crowds. From the Virgin Islands National Park, which covers two thirds of the island, to its legendary beaches, St. John is the quintessential getaway. Hiking, sailing, fishing, paddleboarding, and snorkeling in the crystal clear water with tropical fish and sea turtles, are just some of your potential activities on this unspoiled island.

Gallows Point Resort offers intimate, luxury, oceanfront villas with spectacular vistas.

Grande Bay Resort: this condo-style resort will help fulfill your fantasy that you’re living there.



Hawaii deserves its ranking as a top honeymoon destination, and Maui offers breathtaking scenery and beautiful beaches, as well as vibrant nightlife, dining, and shopping. Once you play at the base of a waterfall, take a catamaran ride, enjoy a luau, snorkel or scuba dive, and become entranced with the “hang loose” vibe of Hawaii, you’ll likely be planning your next visit during your flight home!

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea: enjoy elite amenities and services, plus exclusive island experiences.

Royal Lahaina Resort: 27 acres right on Ka’anapali Beach, with a spectacular luau.



An Alaskan cruise affords you awe-inspiring views of scenery such as glaciers, fjords, lakes, and snow capped mountains. And wildlife lovers will rejoice in seeing and photographing whales, sea otters, bald eagles, puffins, bears, and more. Indulge in cruise ship luxuries, and add a land tour that takes you through the rugged interior for some true adventure on the “Last Frontier”.

Seaborn Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line


Whether any of these destinations sound intriguing, you want more creative ideas, or you have somewhere specific in mind, Exquisite Destination Weddings & Honeymoons is dedicated to ensuring that you experience the honeymoon of your dreams. Information and advice is always free and without obligation, so give them a call!

Exquisite Destination Weddings & Honeymoons
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