Our Picks for Alternative Engagement Rings

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As the year moves to a close, we take some time to reflect on the past months and look forward to our favorite upcoming season.

Engagement season.

That’s right! It’s not the turkey, holly, or the champagne that gets us excited about the end of the year; it’s the fact that at any moment, our newsfeed will become flooded with engagement announcements.

Now, we love a sweet and uplifting engagement story, but this year, what we’re really excited about are the rings!

In the past few years, engagement rings have gone from traditional to spectacular. Styles that we’ve seen before, like princess cut, round, and oval, are all still popular, but we’ve seen a lot more diversity in the ring game as of late.

Alternative engagement rings have been taking center stage. What is an alternative engagement ring, you ask? We classify it as anything out of the ordinary. In fact, we went ahead and picked our favorite alternative engagement rings from Etsy just for you!

Take a look:

We are LOVING this square-cut yellow gold sapphire. Plus, this seller has some great reviews.

18kt Gold and diamond natural yellow sapphire ring | Unique engagement ring | Right hand ring | Unique yellow sapphire ring | One of a kind
Find the ring here.

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” This ring is perfect for the woman who adores pink and class. We love the character as much as we love the subtle color of this gem.

Vintage Engagement Ring Pink Morganite 14k White Gold, Unique Engagement Ring For Women, Art Deco Ring
Find the ring here.

Move over Kate Middleton, because this ring is here to make a statement. If you’re a fan of Kate’s vintage ring, but not necessarily sold on the bold sapphire, this may be your perfect ring. With its soft color, this aquamarine ring sets the tone of love.

Vintage Aquamarine Ring with Diamond Halo in a 14k White Gold Setting. Unique Engagement Ring. March Birthstone.
Find the ring here.

We may have been watching too much HGTV, or we might just be huge Joanna Gains fans, but regardless, this ring practically screams rustic. If you’re looking for a unique alternative to all the glitz and glam, this ring will be an excellent option for you.

3.5 ct Purple Sapphire Engagement Ring - Unique Engagement Ring - Twig Ring - Gemstone Wedding Ring - Raw Sapphire Ring - Twig Engagement
Find the ring here.

Umm HELLO Art Deco! This ring has vintage written all over it. We are here for this Gatsby-themed masterpiece!

Art Deco Alternative Engagement Ring Vintage 14k Rose Gold Oval Ruby Wedding Antique cluster Unique Diamond Bridal Woman Anniversary gift
Find the ring here.

We’re a sucker for a beautiful pearl. This ring has class, style, and it’s the perfect alternative engagement ring for the couple that isn’t concerned about flash.

Pearl Engagement Ring, Asymmetric Diamond Ring, June Birthstone, Unique Engagement Ring, Art Nouveau Ring, Bridal Ring, Fast Free Shipping
Find the ring here.

And there you have it. We LOVE alternative engagement rings. If you’re in the market for an alternative engagement ring, we recommend thinking of the wearer of the ring first and foremost. An alternative engagement ring should represent the person who’s going to be wearing it. That’s why it’s such a special thing!


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