Part 1 of 2: Real Proposal – Jessi & Tone

Harry Potter, a golden snitch, and a beach?! You had us at Quidditch!

This story was submitted by Natalie Penzien of Mike Staff Productions.

Before we dive into the details of this couple’s proposal, let’s start at the very beginning:


“Tone and I met through mutual friends, but our paths could have crossed many times before. We had a lot of overlapping friends and even attended the same vocational school for Visual Imaging. I was an AM kid and Tone was a PM kid. The rivalry still continues to this day.

Fate knew that high school and college just wasn’t the right time. Shortly after we met, we became best friends! We spent most of our time going on adventures, getting to know each other, and just hanging out. Our friends and families knew we were made for each other long before we did. We were both in denial and I think we were afraid to let anything come between our friendship.

After a few months of being inseparable and some serious talks, Tone finally asked me to be his girlfriend. Not long after, we started looking at homes to buy. Everyone thought we were crazy but this time, the tables had turned, and we just knew that it felt right. We built a strong foundation by being best friends first, which then resulted in an amazing relationship. Tone and I took a chance at love and WON!


Tone and I had been dating for about 4 years when we took a trip to Florida for my cousin’s 21st birthday. We have taken many vacations before, but little did I know, this one would be my favorite. We flew down a couple of days early to meet with my parents at Cocoa Beach prior to the birthday celebrations at Disney.

It was Friday, October 20th, 2017, and my life was going to change forever. We spent the day hanging out on the ocean, but soon dinnertime was approaching. We all went back to our rooms to get cleaned up and my mom suggested that we wear something nice to take some pictures on the beach before we went out to dinner. Silly me, I thought nothing of it and didn’t even notice Tone pacing back and forth in the room waiting for me to get ready.

Part 1 of 2: Real Proposal & Real Wedding - Jessi & Tone

Of course, I was running late and my parents said that they were already on the beach waiting for us. As we walked towards my parents, I was just enjoying the view until Tone pulled me by the hand and asked “What is that over there?” When I turned around, all I saw was a sand castle that some kids had built earlier that day. As we got closer, I noticed something shiny sitting on top of it. To my surprise, it was a golden snitch. A golden snitch is the smallest and fastest ball used in Quidditch, the game that Harry Potter plays. Once you catch the golden snitch, the game is over and you won.

Tone then grabbed the snitch, opened it up, and got down on one knee. I was in disbelief and my only words were, “Is this real?” followed by happy tears. He asked, “Jessi Christine Skaggs, will you marry me?” and of course, this was followed by more tears. He had to ask me if I was going to say anything because I couldn’t get anything out until I nodded my head and finally got out a “YES!!” It was the most wonderful surprise I had ever experienced. I could not believe that they had pulled this off without me noticing at all! Tone even hired a photographer to capture this special moment on the beach and I was none the wiser! BEST DAY EVER!!! (Until the wedding day)”

Part 1 of 2: Real Proposal & Real Wedding - Jessi & Tone

This couple’s proposal has us feeling major, magical vibes! Check back tomorrow to see Jessi and Tone’s happily ever after.

Special thanks to Mike Staff Productions for sharing this story with us. Check out their Facebook page.


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