Planning the Perfect Proposal

Planning the perfect proposal is a high-pressure situation; it usually only happens once in a lifetime.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning to “pop the question”. The most important thing though, is that your proposal is unique to your partner.

First things first–let’s talk bling!

The ring is the most important part of a proposal (besides, of course, the answer to the big question) since it will be worn by your partner forever!

Planning the Perfect Proposal

Find out the ring size: There are a few ways this can be done inconspicuously; you can take an existing ring to the jewelers, or ask a close friend or roommate. Or, if your partner is less subtle, you can simply ask, if you haven’t already been informed! You can always get a ring resized later, but your partner will most likely not want to part with it!

Ring style: If there is a family heirloom ring, most likely you’ll be informed of it pretty early on. But if there isn’t, finding out the perfect ring style might be a little harder. With Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms, doing some detective work might be a bit easier. You can also take some existing jewelry to the jewelers and they can help you determine what your partner would like best. You can also cut straight to the point, and take them to a jewelry store or just simply ask! If your partner is more direct, they’ll probably appreciate this method.

Next, it’s important to consider the setting your partner prefers. Public or private photographed or intimate; this detail sets the tone for the whole moment! Deciding on these details will help shape the whole moment. 

What time is the perfect time? Choosing a date is another important step. Does your significant other prefer celebrated occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, or an anniversary? Or do they prefer to be totally blown away on a random day, a day that will soon become so special? Learning these details subtly from your partner or from asking a friend will help make the moment that much more perfect.

Now, time to bring it all together and coordinate the details:

Planning the Perfect Proposal

Hire a photographer/get a friend or family member to capture the moment: is this something that your partner has shown an interest in? It is important to have the moment captured properly to preserve it forever! It may be a good idea to hire a photographer so all of your friends and family members can relax and enjoy the moment alongside you.

Secure a venue or location if need be: if you are renting a private area, planning to have a family dinner, or proposing during a special activity, it’s important to secure the location ahead of time. Inform them of the fact that you’ll be popping the question, you’d be surprised how much people are willing to help out and aid in the surprise of this important occasion!

Invite close friends and family members: If your partner has always wanted to share in their big moment with loved ones close, it’s important to let them know ahead of time so they can save the date! Of course, you also need to emphasize the fact that it’s a SURPRISE! 

Plan how you’ll ask: You may think you’ll know exactly what you’d like to say, but you never know how your emotions will take over! If you plan to make a small speech before asking the question, try writing down a few bullet points to review.

One of the most important things in any relationship is to simply listen.

More than likely, your partner will let you know exactly what they want. Whether it is through discussing move or TV proposals, or engagements of friends and family, you can probably get all of the information you need for the perfect proposal straight from your partner. Listening and communicating will help get you through this and every part of marriage!

How to Plan a Perfect Proposal


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