Real Couples Advice for Married Life

Real Couples Advice for Married Life

We love the tradition passed on throughout generations where old married’s offer new married’s advice on how to build {and sustain} a lifetime of love and happiness.

In years past, grandparents, aunts and uncles, clergy, and others offered advice– sometimes unsolicited! 👰🤵💍

Fallen somewhat out of favor is the advice table set up at wedding receptions; where family and guests write their advice in a book, on a photo, or on something that will hang in the newlyweds home. It is almost as much fun to read the advice given as to write it yourself!

Say I Do Printables

An updated twist is to include wedding madlibs:

The Papered Wedding

Whether or not you choose to incorporate wedding advice into your wedding day, we brought along some Real Couples Advice for Married Life.

We reached out to some of our favorite couples who offer their advice on how to have a great marriage– at any phase! Spoiler: It requires WORK!!

Party of Two Photography

💗 Jessica from Florida offers this:

Ok, after 33 years of wedded bliss!

  1. Find a reason to laugh together every day even if it is at yourselves
  2. Communicate often, use your ears more than your mouth
  3.  Have weekly date nights
  4. Find things you enjoy doing together and do them
  5. Show appreciation for your spouse in ways your spouse values
  6. Trade out or share daily chores
  7. Try to value your spouses family for who and what they are to your spouse
  8. Show consideration in things/ habits that might irritate your spouse
  9. Help your spouse do the things they do for you ( as my hubby says empty your pockets before throwing your jeans in laundry!)
  10. Say “I love you” without prompting and say “I am sorry” when your spouse is hurting. 

Love is greater than self. “

💗 Hanie, from Kuala Lumpur has been married for 3 years and shares:

1. Make it a point to have a date with the other half… even just for once a month! Even if it’s just to have ice-cream at a nearby coffee shop!

2. Appreciate and complement each other even for the littlest, most normal thing like preparing dinner or doing the laundry.

3. Keep the random surprises coming! Don’t have wait tilit’s a birthday or anniversary… who doesn’t like surprises?

4. Do something laughable… yes, even if it means tickling each other…!

5. Spend time to share about each other’s day, be it aboutwork, about things that we find interesting or random rants… 

6. Find a project to do together… like painting the house, or doing a jigsaw puzzle, or even cleaning the house together…

7. Care for each other, that may sound petty but how often do we ask the other half to be safe, or remind them to have lunch to take a break? Sometimes we just forget amidst our busy working life…

8. Don’t stop doing the things that pleases each other after wedding! If you always buy her roses before wedding, keep buying her roses after the wedding… if you always buy him his favourite doughnut before the wedding, keep buying him doughnuts after wedding …

9. Take a few minutes to hug each other. Trust me it will make everything feel better.

10. Finally, don’t forget to let each other have some free time and space to do their own thing and hobbies, or even go on outings with friends, sometimes a relationship needs to ‘breathe’ as well! 😁

The advice & speeches portion of a wedding reception is always one of the bright spots!

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Married for over 30 years, 💗 Leslie offers:

Leave little notes of encouragement/love/or just a paperheart in odd places…like folded into clean undies, socks, lunch bag, visor inthe car, back-pack…etc.  Do Little acts of kindnesses. Have a special theme meal from foreign places you dream of one day going to!

💗 Joel, from Illinois and married for 4 years believes that his Grandfather was totally right! Never go to bed angry and a smile goes a long way!

What Advice would YOU share with couples?

We want to hear!

Drop a comment 📩



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