Real Engagements: Kayla Dixon & Cory Hulan

We are OBSESSED with this adorable proposal story submitted by Kayla.

Real Engagement: Kayla Dixon & Cory Hulan

Here is her proposal story in her own words:

“Just a few weeks ago, my family and I loaded up the car and embarked on a two week road trip all the way to the Grand Canyon. Throughout those two weeks we stopped at every state and saw numerous gorgeous sites, including the Petrified Forest, the Painted Desert, Las Vegas, T.V. show sites including “Tanked”, “Pawn Starts”, “Counts Kustoms”, “ Chip and Joanna Gaine’s “Fixer Upper” in Waco Texas, and the location where my life changed forever, the Grand Canyon!

On Friday June 21st, my parents, brother, his girlfriend, and my now “fiancé” loaded up the car and headed for the Grand Canyon. Before embarking on our two week excursion across the country, as a Christmas present to my family I bought us tickets to take a Grand Canyon pink Jeep tour at sunset. Little did I know, six months prior, that I was actually planning my own proposal and didn’t have a clue!

So back to the story… we arrived at the Grand Canyon, hopped in the jeep with our AMAZING tour guide Sam and was off on our adventure. It was Sam’s last tour for working at the Grand Canyon and would be moving to a new location the next day, but he made sure our tour was nothing short of spectacular. He took us to some really awesome stops along the way, which allowed for great photo ops, but it was the very last stop that will be the most memorable moment of my life.

Real Engagement: Kayla Dixon & Cory Hulan

When we arrived at the last stop just before sunset, Sam grabbed some blankets out of the jeep and took us to a cliff on the side of the Grand Canyon so we could gaze into the horizon to look at God’s wonderful creation. However, once we got settled, I noticed something that just “wasn’t quite right”. I look in front of me and I see my brother and his girlfriend (who were sitting in front of me) turn their camera to selfie mode and point it back at me. I found this quite odd, as they were supposed to be looking at the sunset and not at me. I then notice my daddy get up and grab his video camera, again quite odd, and finally I see my momma turn around and face me. Then I realized something was up.

Real Engagement: Kayla Dixon & Cory Hulan

The next thing I know, my fiancé grabs my hand and I repeatedly say “what are you doing” until he drops down on one knee. I proceed to start crying my eyes out, so much so that I’m not even paying attention to anything my fiancé is saying all I can muster is “are you doing what I think your doing?”

Real Engagement: Kayla Dixon & Cory Hulan

He then proclaims, “Kala we have been on a long journey together, and I couldn’t imagine my journey ending without you, will you marry me?”

Real Engagement: Kayla Dixon & Cory Hulan

He slips the most beautiful 2 carat ring, that I’ve ever seen, on my finger, I say “yes” as I continue to sob my eyes out, (I’m completely shaking at this point), and he kisses me on the forehead. Not only did I go to the Grand Canyon in search of viewing a massive hole in the ground, I left with a 2 carat rock on my hand, and get to marry the sweetest, loving, caring, compassionate, romantic man on the planet!

That is the story of how my life changed forever, and they all knew and kept it a complete surprise! I left TN in search of a Grand adventure, and I returned home starting OUR OWN GRAND ADVENTURE TOGETHER! Cory I love you, and I can’t wait to start our journey together!”

Real Engagement: Kayla Dixon & Cory Hulan

We are so happy for you Kayla & Cory and we can’t wait to hear about the moment you both say, “I do”.

Photo Credits: Randy Dixon, Kemper Dixon, Peyton Gaither, and Sam Rodriguez


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