Red, White & I Do.

Tis the season for boats, bonfires and bonafide patriotic weddings. If you’re planning on tying the knot and want to keep it Merica’, here is our list of some of the top patriotic places to get married in the United States: 

1. The Washington Monument

Okay, first of all, have you SEEN this beauty in real life yet? Standing exactly 555 feet tall, this is the ultimate wedding location if you’re looking to reach great heights with your wedding venue and your marriage. It’s located in the National Mall and because of its height, it can be seen from miles away, which means none of your wedding guests can say they got lost on the way. 

In order to tie the knot at this beautiful location, you’ll have to apply for a special permit and get approved. It’s also important to note that there is absolutely NO filming or photography permitted within the circle of flags that surround the Monument. 

2. Smithsonian American Art Museum/ National Portrait Gallery

Perhaps the latest addition to the wedding venue list, The Smithsonian was just cleared for weddings in 2019, making it the hot spot for all things nuptial. Weddings at The Smithsonian are currently part of a testing program that’s only been approved for the next three years, so if you’re looking to say, “I Do,” among some of the world’s history, you’ll want to do it quickly. 

3. Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty

Is there anything more American than getting married in front of the Statue of Liberty? Since its arrival in 1886, this gift from France has been the ultimate symbol of freedom for the American people, which is why it may be the perfect place for your wedding.  

4. Lincoln Memorial

One of America’s most beloved Presidents can be the location of your most beloved day…and if it’s not the 19 foot tall statue of the former 16th President of the United States that draws you in, it will be the stunning view of the pool of reflection and the Washington Monument that seals the deal for you. 

5. Mount Rushmore

Why just pick one? Instead of choosing one former President to tie the knot in front of, why not have four? The catch is that you do have to apply to have your wedding here and you are subject to rejection, yes, we said rejection.

Note: Because of lack of resources, space, and funds even appropriate uses of the venue space have been denied.

Top patriotic places to get married by Perfect Wedding Guide


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