The Perfect Wedding Guide PODCAST!

The Perfect Wedding Guide PODCAST!

We absolutely LOVE podcasts (along with about a kazillion of you out there!!!) They keep us company commuting, traveling, bike riding, doing housework (ick) and many other things. We did a post on podcasts we love HERE that you might enjoy. So of course, we’d like to add this podcast into your rotation and hope you love it!

Are you a wedding creative, running a wedding business or recently got engaged? Welcome to the Perfect Wedding Guide Podcast, where we will be sharing candid conversation with the wedding pros that are part of PWG as well as other wedding industry leaders! They’ll share their stories about being in the wedding industry and how + why they started their creative business! We’ll chat about the struggles as well as the privilege it is to serve couples on their wedding day! Diving into the less fun side of owning a wedding biz, we’ll tackle topics about burn out, how to handle a bad review, price shoppers and ghosting, contracts and automation as well as the dreaded blogging, SEO and so much more!

Tips, insights and the do’s and please don’t do trends for engaged couples as they begin their wedding planning and the importance it is to hire profession wedding vendors to curate their wedding day team!

Hosted by Bobbi Brinkman, a wedding photographer and industry educator with 40 years of wedding experience behind the camera, as business owner and industry cheerleader. Join us on Wedding Wednesdays for new Episodes and meet the talented professionals of the Perfect Wedding Guide, the go to national resource connecting couples with wedding businesses and producers of the Ultimate Wedding Show Experience. So tune in, like, subscribe and share your comments and leave us a review! We cannot wait to share these stories and hopefully inspire and motivate others to become part of the Perfect Wedding Guide family and connect with engaged couples as they begin the wedding planning chapter!!

Episode 1 introduces you to our new podcast………….. and newly released Episode 2 is Ashley Erlinger from Signed Sealed Delivered Events in St. Louis. She is the recent winner of the Perfect Wedding Guide Vendor Awards Mentor of the Year as well as for Planner/Coordinator. It’s a great episode talking about being a wedding planner, building a team, living your dream and of course being Addicted to Love! With tons of great information and lots of laughs, you’ll enjoy every minute!

In this episode, Bobbi talks to St. Louis wedding planner Ashlee Erlinger from Signed Sealed Delivered Events and one of her teammates Katie Daly. They discuss being a successful wedding planner, building a team, and managing their couples—- along with why they’re “addicted to love”.

From living the dream to wedding trends and everything in between you’ll love this episode which is entertaining, funny— and always informational for wedding pro’s as well as couples planning their wedding.

Catch the new episodes and subscribe from your favorite podcast service! We’re on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

New episodes dropping bimonthly!

Want to reach out and be part of Perfect Wedding Guide?

  • Jeremy Bowman, President/Owner PWG

  • Jaime Kinder, Marketing Manager St. Louis

  • Jason Vandyke, Marketing Manager Charlotte   

  • Destiny Diorec, Marketing Manager Nashville

The Perfect Wedding Guide is the nations go to source to connect couples to your wedding business. 


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