Top Wedding Manicures for 2020

Top Wedding Manicures for 2020

We’ve heard from brides in “nail quandaries” this week—- which made us think about an ever popular topic, wedding day manicures! It seems like brides everywhere are working on their manicure skills while in Covid-19 isolation and have time on their hands. {We see your Instagram feed!} But really—- this topic stands for non isolated times as well.

How do I choose a manicure for my wedding when there are way too many great choices? What are the Top Wedding Manicures for 2020? Read on!

Brides say that they choose:

👰 60% French Manicure

💥 20% rock a trendy and unique nail look such as a mixed manicure, nail art, dip polish nails or a wedding themed polish

💗 10% pale pale polish

💟 5% nail polish in a wedding day color (blue, green, etc.)

💍 5% glittery polish

We’ve been asked which one photographs better—– and really, you don’t want your wedding day polish to upstage your gown or more importantly your ring! Choose a nail look that compliments, sets off and generally plays nicely with others! A crisp professionally applied red nail will photograph beautifully against a white dress….. but is that the look you want? Maybe—- and maybe not!

If you love a mixed mani, incorporating florals for the wedding day is a huge trend. The look can be accomplished by a nail artist, or with the use of nail decals for a similar look.

We love a riff on a traditional French manicure— with a lot of choices, a simple dotted french mani is a winner.

The wedding band manicure has become a classic. Some are big, some are small, some are moderately textured and some are big and tall. This choice is themed but not too much or too sweetsy:

Strongly wedding themed below. What do you think? Would you do a full mani like this, or perhaps choose one or two as an accent nail? Lisawola really brings the full bridal mani!

Looking for something easier? Like a wedding manicure nail decal? We have you covered and Cover Me Nail Art can help!

We always peep at The Daily Varnish to see what nail news they have on a regular basis! Don’t tell me you missed their Summer 2014 Must Have Polishes??? This White Caviar nail was at the start of the trend which has now taken over into textured polishes and dip powder nails.

Humble and Rich brings a beautiful dip polish mani, it covers quite a broad spectrum, pale polish, metallic polish, and accent nails.

Best Wedding Day Mani Advice?

  • Keep it in the overall theme of your wedding and your style
  • Don’t let your nails steal your show
  • Try Try Try nails out well in advance of the Big Day
  • You might choose to have your nails professionally done unless your home manicure game is strong! Nothing spoils a look (or a photo) like messy polish. I know we shouldn’t have to say that, but…….
  • Be YOU! No matter how fantastic a look is it should reflect your personality and your wedding!!!

Best nail polish brands:

There are a lot of polishes, to make our list you need to be long lasting, cruelty free, easily accessible, and with a wide range of colors.

What’s YOUR favorite polish


your favorite mani look?

Top Wedding Manicures for 2020


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