Trends in Menswear

Trends in Menswear

What’s new in menswear for weddings in 2020? LOTS!

You’ll be happy to know that color is not taking a back seat for the men anytime soon! Coming in 2020 is more bold color, bright jewel tones and colorful touches that just might upstage basic black. Think hunter green, bright royal blue, deep wine in solids, with prints in accessories such as ties, pocket squares, socks, etc.

Although black, or other solids will always have their day (and their fans!) there are definitely other options for the modern wedding couple. Just know that if you’re a fan of the classics, you’ll still be in style!

Ralph Lauren

Whatever color you choose for your tuxedo or suit………… think SLIM. The slim fitting style will update your look into 2020. Think slimmed down and elegant, not necessarily supertight rocker.

Ties? Beyond the bow tie or the traditional tie, think color, or a printed version! Feel free to match the wedding colors, or go a little crazy in the color wheel with accents!

Klein from Brackish Bowties

Don’t forget the accessories! Socks are still making news in 2020! Think quiet if you like but statement socks are here to stay!

Maybe the socks below with the brides face might be a thing?????

Wedding Face Socks from Custom Face Designs Etsy

Or the safer alternative of socks (in that trendy floral) for the whole wedding crew?

Accessories 482 Etsy

Sunglasses, wristwatches—- all part of the look. Make it yours, the accessory should fit the event. (A winter evening wedding isn’t likely to need those peacock blue sunglasses, right?)

The most important thing is that the groom wear the trend, NOT that the trend wear the groom!

  • BE YOU! Don’t follow a trend ‘just because’.
  • Don’t copy someone else’s style! You’ll be more comfortable in a style that feels authentic to you!
  • Try on different styles, different colors—– think outside the box! If something doesn’t work for you, take a hard pass!


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