Wedding DIY Projects: Make This For Your Wedding

Wedding DIY Projects: Make This For Your Wedding

Everyone has time on their hands right now, Covid-19 continues to influence how much time we have, where we spend it, and for many people— how to fill it. Get on with your Wedding DIY Projects!

For wedding couples we’re hearing that many of you are finding things you can make yourselves for your wedding. Whether that is a simple DIY project, or a more elaborate bit of makery, we’re presenting our favorite Wedding DIY Projects!

Whether you are a papercrafts fan, a Cricut maker, a computer DIY user, or a serious DIY’er, we have tons of great DIY goodies!

Some basic craft supplies to get you started- (each project may have additional supplies required)

  • Tissue Paper in various colors
  • White or Ecru Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick and/or Tape Runner
  • Personal cutting machine (ex: Cricut)

We can’t wait to see

what you make!

There are quite a few DIY chair banners out there and these have always been our absolute favorite. They fit on a lot of chairs (although the chiavari style chair above is our fave)— and elevate every seating option! You’ll find this project (and a ton more) at Creativebug, a very affordable subscription service.

Of course there is no shortage of print your own wedding goodies available, and depending on your stationery provider, and what you have chosen as part of your collection, what you might need to ‘fill in’ will look different for every couple. We are particularly fond of this printable wedding schedule from Affirmations Designs on Etsy for it’s clean look, fun quality, and ease of accomplishment.

The Polka Dot Bride offers this wedding decor mirror— it could be glam or rustic depending on where it’s used and of course what it reflects. Fire up your Cricut for this one!

Who doesn’t love beautiful vows at a wedding, lovingly composed by the couple? The conversation always turns around to exactly what the best method of getting those vows down the aisle, or what they look like in wedding photos. The Vow Envelopes above come from Something Turquoise who has a very thorough post on just how to create these and how to make it your own. Another Cricut craft.

{Which leads us to ask, if you are interested in wedding DIY and you don’t have a Cricut………………. why not?}

We’re big fans of S’mores, and we’re big fans of adding fun touches to a wedding celebration. The sign above from PS Printables is cute, and you can DIY a whole theme. Did we mention s’mores?

Personalized wedding hangers are not going away—- and they can be pricey! Now, we’re all for ordering a custom one for the bride, and maybe others for the bridesmaids, but if you have the idea to make some yourself, this wonderful post from Token & Bliss will get you going on the project!

Papercrafts are a firm staple in the Wedding DIY category. They’re inexpensive, can serve a variety of purposes, and are fairly easy to accomplish. These sweet topiaries could serve a lot of purposes at the wedding and are another idea from Creativebug.

How can you not be pretty crazy about the personalized utensil pouches presented by Tidewater and Tulle? They use leather as the base, and can fit easily into many wedding styles with just a little imagination and customization.

From the I don’t have a cutting machine category comes the set of mugs above. Mug Blanks cleaned with alcohol. Permanent Pen (check the label for permanance)— boom. If you’re not confident or think you can pull this freehanded mug off, refer back to the Cricut!

Who doesn’t love a pom pom garland? For the rehearsal dinner, for the parties, for the reception—- whatever your style might be. Super inexpensive and easy to do, Creativebug rings this beautiful project. Hint: This is best as a happy group project unless you’re a glutton for punishment says our resident crafter! ūü•ī

Going back to a simple, fun project, we always love wedding themed mugs and we know you do too. Hey Wedding Lady brings this project with a easy to accomplish post. Of course—- you can buy’em—- but if you’re in the mood these are easy to do.

Wedding DIY Projects


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