We asked six accomplished, Sacramento wedding photographers to share their best words of advice, to help you end up with wedding photos you love, as well as planning and wedding day experiences that run smoothly, and are relaxed and stress-free. These pros have seen it all, so their advice is golden!


Chelsea Evans

“The biggest thing to look for when meeting photographers (after photo quality of course) is how you feel with them. Be sure to choose a photographer who you feel comfortable with and who’s company you enjoy, because they will be with you during all of your intimate moments throughout the day!”

“Get an engagement session! It provides some time that is relaxed and authentic to really get to know the photographer, to understand the way they work, and to learn how to be at ease in front of a camera.”

“Share your wedding day timeline with your photographer. Important info includes: travel time, getting ready and portrait locations, lighting considerations, and wiggle room for any hiccups that might pop up!”




Emily Carroll

“Make a list (and check it twice!). I love it when couples come prepared with a list of who they’d like in their family photos. Having a list helps speed the process along and get all the group shots done so there is more time for photos of just the two of you.”

“For your engagement session (which you should definitely have!), don’t be afraid to use props or have it done at a location special to the two of you. The more unique your photos are to you, the more your personality is going to shine through.”

“Don’t forget to breathe! Your wedding day is all about you and the love you share. To avoid looking tense in your photos, try to adopt a “no worries” attitude – relax and enjoy your special day!”




Lolita Vasquez

“Bring vases to keep the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets in while getting ready, as well as at the reception. It’s a lovely way to show off the bouquets both in person and in the photos.”

“Open the drapes, shutters, or even the windows in your getting ready space if privacy allows. Having natural light spilling into the room is much more appealing in photos than the yellow cast usually created by indoor lighting alone.”

“Have your photographer and DJ coordinate a big group photo on the dance floor or in another good spot with everyone that’s at your reception. These shots can really capture the love and happiness that’s being shared by all, and you’ll have so much fun later finding everyone in the photo!”




Meagan Lucy

“It’s important to know what time the sun will set on your wedding day. The light at this time of day is great for romantic photographs, and this may change the order of how you choose to plan your day.”

“Leave enough time for getting ready and for travel to the venue(s). Your wedding day can feel like a completely different time zone! Be sure to consider the travel accommodations for your wedding party ahead of time, so there are no worries – only smooth travels for everyone on the big day!”

“Practice getting dressed before the wedding day – guys too! You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve photographed guys YouTube-ing how to tie a bow tie! Little things like this could derail your schedule and create unwanted stress.”




Tyler & Mayela

“Have a lifestyle engagement photo session in your own home. Just imagine in 10 years, after your life together has transformed, to be able to look back and relive the feelings of love in your first home!”

“Capturing the memory of your wedding day on video is such an important addition to photos. Hearing the ‘I Do’ and the cheers of your friends and family as you walk down the aisle is priceless. Our couples tend to watch their video more than they look at their photos!”

“Choose your photographer based on your connection with them. Having a natural rapport with your photographer allows you to relax and be yourselves in front of the camera. Not only will this make your photos better, but it will also help you stay calm and enjoy your day.”




Rita Temple

“Be sure to schedule in enough time for getting ready. Ask your beauty pros how much time to allot, because if enough time isn’t included in the timeline for the day, any overtime at the start makes the whole day runs late. On time and not rushing = relaxed and happy for your big day!”

“Surround yourself with vendors and helpers who you trust to run things, so you can focus on the love, and soak in every special moment of your wedding day.”

“Set aside 15 minutes before the reception for just the two of you alone. This can be photographed candidly from a distance if you’d like. Taking a breather allows you to reconnect before the festivities of the reception begin!”




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