What You Need to Know Before Planning a Beach Wedding

We didn’t want to be shellfish with our wisdom, so we are sharing our tips on how you can have the PERFECT beach wedding!

1. Incorporate a POP of color – Colors like coral, green, and orange will have your wedding stand out against the calm blue waters.

Beach Wedding

2. Wear flats – Walking in heels on the sand is a little difficult so we suggest flats, sandals or even go barefoot!

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3. Plan your date accordingly – Having a wedding during spring break or memorial day weekend is going to be stuff when everyone wants to go to the beach too. Also, beware of hurricane season possibly crashing your party.

Flowing Dress

4. Consider wearing something loose fitting – Sheath, shear, or ethereal bridal dresses so you can feel the ocean breeze and not feel weighed down.

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5. Protect your guests from the heat – Provide them with fans so they can overcome the heat while watching you say your I Dos.

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6. Prepare for strong winds – Anything loose leaf like programs and paper fans should be held down by something a little bit heavier such as a handful of shells.

Beach Wedding Decor

7. Know the rules – Be knowledgeable of the beach’s rules/restrictions. Some beaches require permits and/or have noise and decoration restrictions.

Bride & Groom

8. ALWAYS have a plan B – Unfortunately, mother nature is unpredictable so it shore would be a good idea if you had a backup plan. After all, the show must go on!

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9. Beach puns – Seas the day and include some jokes to your wedding! It is a celebration so make it light-hearted and fun!

Beach Wedding

10. Have fun!: It’s your wedding day! Cherish every single moment and all of your hard work putting it together. 

top things to know when planning a beach wedding


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