Writing Vendor Reviews in the Covid-19 Era

Writing Vendor Reviews in the Covid-19 Era

It is SUPER important to write reviews for all of your wedding vendors—– you’re planning to do that, right???? Writing Reviews For Vendors in the Covid-19 Era is EXTREMELY important and brings with it some new rules.

Your reviews not only help your vendors attract lucky new couples like yourselves but it helps those couples decide on a wedding vendor that will be a great fit for their big day!

In the Covid-19 era, the new rules are:

1.DO NOT get ugly about any wedding vendor that couldn’t help you because their hands were tied by state or local regulations. We know— it’s frustrating — but remember that your vendors were also frustrated.

2. If you MUST make a negative comment, fully explain it, especially if a vendor was UNABLE to help you. (You know the difference!!!)

3. Make sure that your review states exactly when your wedding was, if you were impacted by Covid-19 and what the regulations in place were. Then write your review.

4. If your vendors went above and beyond this is important to say, now more than ever!

We have a few tips to make writing your reviews fast, fun, and easy!

  • Use your wedding date in the review so others can see if it is their wedding season, and also that it is a timely review
  • Be specific! If you loved the flowers that were a perfect color match for your vision board, were fresh and lasted all day, and the florist was a delight to work with—- say so!
  • If you had trouble with your vendor, always speak to them directly before just blasting out a negative review.
  • Add photos if possible, couples love to see pictures of a vendors work along with your review.
  • Use a vendors full company name and not just their first name.
  • In your review, tell a short but personal story about what you loved about the vendor and why the experience made your wedding day better.
  • Take the time and write a thoughtful review. In most cases you can copy and paste that review and post it in several places, it will actually save you time!
  • You don’t have to use your last names but using your first names helps make your review more personal.
  • Ask your vendor if there is a specific place she/he would like you to post your review.
  • Let your vendors know that you have completed the review process.
  • Don’t forget Google! Most couples don’t forget the ‘big’ online wedding companies but forget a Google review— those are super helpful.
  • If you have a negative review, the right thing to do is to approach your vendor first. Explain your situation fully and allow them to also do the right thing. Don’t just explode with anger in a review when perhaps there are mitigating circumstances or if a vendor can try to do something for you.

The important thing is to WRITE THOSE REVIEWS! It is important not only to your wedding pro’s, but to other couples who might be thinking about using them.

Writing Vendor Reviews in the Covid-19 Era


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