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Off-Day Weddings Offer Advantages

Traditionally, Saturday is the most popular day for weddings. But competition for sites and services is making so-called "off-day weddings" more attractive. Even if you don’t marry in June or October, traditionally the two most popular months, a Saturday wedding can be hard to arrange. Many wedding ceremony and reception sites are booked a year or more ahead of time.

To make matters worse, it’s even harder if there’s one particular site you’ve set your heart on with your wedding planning. If there’s a conflict, your only options are to postpone or switch dates. For many couples, an off-day wedding— perhaps a Friday or Sunday wedding ceremony—is more appealing than delaying the ceremony. This is especially true for if you don’t have a lot of time for wedding planning and preparation, or if a sudden job move or other unexpected event makes you advance your plans.

The anniversary factor can also have you setting up an off-day wedding. When a particular date (like the one-year anniversary of his proposal) is more important than a Saturday time frame, you should not let tradition stand in the way of significance.

Economic factors can be decisive, too. Lower airfare is often available for your out-of-town guests during the week. Also, many venues and services offer discounts for off-day weddings. Some hotels and restaurants require a lower minimum number of guests for off-day weddings. If you’re on a tight budget, such savings can make the difference.

An off-day wedding ceremony is also appealing because bridal professionals are more likely to be available when there are fewer demands on their time and attention. The fabulous caterer, who’s unavailable on Saturday, may serve your guests an unforgettable feast the night before.

Another reason for the growing popularity of off-day weddings is the chance to spend more time with your family and friends. Many couples plan weddings lasting several days, or longer, so they can pay more attention to those who traveled to be there. For example, the wedding ceremony could be held Friday morning, with activities planned through your honeymoon departure on Sunday.

Holiday weekends make for great choices, too. They allow your guests to have a longer stay. But there are potential problems, as well. For example, with a Labor or Memorial Day wedding, air travel may be expensive or impossible to obtain. Wedding services like caterers, cake bakers and florists are in great demand over many holidays. Highly popular venues, like hotels, restaurants and reception sites, can be booked years in advance for such weekends.

But even if an off-day wedding isn’t your first choice, it offers many social, economic and emotional advantages. If properly planned, off-day weddings aren’t cookie-cutter weddings, but instead, it can be the chance for you to make each moment of your celebration a memorable pleasure.