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Wedding Introductions to Captivate Guests

Creating your very own uniquely personal wedding reception introduction is as simple as saying, “Hello.”

One of the earliest, most climactic moments at your reception will be when you are introduced to your guests. Imagine every family member and friend standing, applauding, and excited to be the first to welcome you as the newlyweds. The energy level is nothing short of exhilarating.

The most common mistake, however, is to allow that energy to go to waste, letting a memorable moment fade away. All too often, couples will move directly to their head table and take a seat after their wedding introduction. The impact (or lack thereof) is much the same as jumping to your feet at a concert to anxiously welcome your favorite performing artist, only to see them walk from one side of the stage to the other without singing or playing a note. What a deflating disappointment and loss of great anticipation that would be.

Seize this opportunity to create a memory. Take a moment, better yet, savor that special moment during your wedding introduction and stop to welcome your guests.

To create your very own personal moment at the wedding reception, either the bride or groom (whichever is not terribly soft spoken) should take the microphone after being introduced and speak graciously from the heart. In just a few words, thank those most dear for taking the time and/or for traveling great distances just to be with you---on one of the most important days of your life.

This single, very simple gesture of a personalized wedding reception introduction is one of many personal moments you can create that your guests will not only appreciate, but remember for a very long time.

Ron Ruth is a wedding entertainment director and owner of Ron Ruth Weddings. For more wedding planning information, visit www.ronruthweddings.com.

Image courtesy of Fort Mill Photography.