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Wedding Traditions and Customs, K-V

Part II of our wedding planning article, Wedding Traditions and Customs. To review Part I see Wedding Traditions and Customs A-J.

Korean Wedding Traditions and Customs
The groom’s family sends his personal history, name, family, origin and astrological data to the family of his intended. A ”First Greeting" wedding ceremony is then held at the bride’s house, where a string of dates has been prepared, along with a decorated chicken. The groom introduces his bride to his father. His father takes some dates and throws them at the bride to signify he and his wife want grandchildren. The groom’s mother rubs the chicken to indicate her tolerance of any idiosyncrasies her daughter-in-law might display.

Moravian Wedding Ceremony Traditions and Customs
Each guest in a Moravian wedding is given a handmade beeswax candle. The bride and groom light one large candle and pass the flame to a guest, who passes it to the next guest. The assembly is soon illuminated by soft candlelight.

Mormon Wedding Traditions and Customs
Spouses and families in a Mormon Temple are united, or ”sealed” for time and eternity. Only the faithful may attend. Performed in a ”sealing room,” both bride and groom wear white. Mirrors on opposing walls cause infinite reflections of reflections, symbolizing their eternity together.

Puerto Rican Wedding Traditions and Customs
In a Puerto Rican wedding ceremony, the priest blesses the “Aras,” a plate of 13 coins, and gives them to the groom, who bestows them upon his bride. The coins represent Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples, and affirm mutual commitment to the marriage.

Quaker Wedding Traditions and Customs
The Quaker ceremony occurs when the marriage license is signed. No priest or preacher is involved and no oaths or vows are exchanged. Everyone who attends serves as a witness. The marriage license becomes a sacred keepsake for the couple.

Russian Wedding Traditions and Customs
On her wedding day, the Russian bride kneels before her parents during the wedding ceremony. She beseeches them to pardon her for any wrongs she may have committed. Her parents then present her with bread and salt to demonstrate she’ll never go hungry as long as they live.

Vietnamese Wedding Traditions and Customs
Starting from his home, the Vietnamese groom leads a procession of friends and relatives to his fiance’s house. They bear gifts of money, apparel and jewelry. To emphasize there’s no rivalry between her and the bride, the groom’s mother doesn’t attend.