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Honeymoon Travel: Terms to Know

Below are terms that you should become familiar with before you begin to plan your honeymoon travel. Most of these terms apply to any kind of traveler, not just those making romantic getaway plans. But fluency in the language of travel may prevent unexpected costs, discomfort or disappointment with your wedding planning.

Travel Terms: Airline Flights

  • Connecting: You have to change planes somewhere along the route to your destination.
  • Direct: Most of the time the plane will fly from your home airport to your destination ariport. However, your plane may stop at one or more airports along the way, but you won’t have to disembark.
  • Nonstop: This takes you directly from your departure city to another destination without any stops while enroute.

Honeymoon Travel Terms: Car Rental Fees
  • Drop-off Fee: Also called an “intercity charge,” this is a fee you pay for returning your rental vehicle in a town or location other than where you picked it up.
  • Unlimited Mileage: You must purchase the gasoline, but the number of miles you drive within the contracted period is unlimited.

Travel Terms: Monetary Terms
  • Duty Free: Items that are sold free of taxation by the country in which you buy them. If you exceed monetary limits set by U.S. Customs when you re-enter the U.S., you may have to pay taxes in this country for those items.
  • Rate of Exchange: This is the current equivalent of U.S. dollars in foreign currency. It’s a flexible rate that changes daily, which often results in various rates being offered. Usually, your best rate will be from a bank, while your worst will be from a hotel.
  • Traveler’s Checks: Purchased through banks and other financial services, they’re safer than carrying in cash on your honeymoon because they carry your signature, which must be duplicated when used. We recommend you each have some with your signature only on them for your honeymoon travel.
  • Vouchers: Depending on the circumstance, these are issued by travel agents, airlines, cruise lines and other travel vendors to be exchanged for meals, accommodations and other things.

Travel Terms: Hotel Accommodations
  • Bed Configuration: The relatively rare system of designating hotel suites by the size of bed they contain — twin, regular, double, queen or king.
  • Double-Occupancy Rate: The per-person price based on two people sharing the room.
  • Double-Room Rate: The actual price of a room even if occupied by two people.
  • First Class Accommodation: Usually an improvement over standard (see below) that might include access to better services, placement or equipment.
  • Guaranteed Late Arrival: Confirms that your reservation will be held beyond the daily cutoff time. The guarantee usually requires pre-payment by credit card or through a corporate account.
  • Ocean View: The ocean can be seen from somewhere within your room or honeymoon suite, but its unlikely to be awe-inspiring.
  • Oceanfront: A room or suite that directly faces the ocean, but not necessarily with direct access to the beach.
  • Standard Accommodation: The basic accommodation a hotel provides, usually marked by an absence of luxuries.
Remember, these terms when booking your accommodations and your honeymoon travel will be surprise-free, (at least from the bad surprises!).