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Honeymoons: Planning a Budget-friendly Getaway

In the perfect world of wedding planning, immediately after toasting champagne with family and friends at the wedding reception, you and your new groom are whisked away to an exotic locale for two weeks of sightseeing, beach bumming and cuddling.

But, for many couples, the reality of planning a fairytale (i.e. budget-busting) honeymoon just isn’t in the cards. So what to do when you want to get away without going in debt? Here, five ideas for planning a budget-friendly getaway.

1. Stash some cash
Even though during this time the majority of your money will go toward paying for the honeymoon, you can still set some funds aside for a post-wedding vacation. It doesn’t have to be a large sum, but saving a few dollars here and there to use only for your vacation will help cut down on some travel costs.

2. Retreat from the world (sort of)
If you can’t go on vacation, bring the vacation to you. Schedule some alone time together where you don’t answer the phone, check emails or receive visitors. Your focus should be on connecting with your mate with little distractions from the outside world. So even if you’re not island hopping in Hawaii or sailing along the Mediterranean, a few days of uninterrupted couple time can be quite gratifying.

3. Hit the open road
Save on airfare by traveling by car to your honeymoon destination . . . which, of course, presents another budget-friendly option—planning a stateside rendezvous. There are plenty of great beaches, mountainsides and impressive landmarks within the U.S. So pull out your road map for more ideas on where to go.

4. Monitor mid-week deals
Airfare and hotel prices are typically less during the middle of the week. For a quick getaway, book your accommodations Tues-Thursday to save a few bucks.

5. Reconsider Hotel Reservations
Forgo the five-star digs for a quaint (and less expensive) bed and breakfast. Some things to consider when searching for B&Bs are accessibility to great attractions, updated decor, and private accommodations (bath, temperature controls, etc.).

These are just a few ideas for planning a budget-friendly getaway for your honeymoon. If skimming back isn’t an ideal option for your first official getaway as husband and wife, you can always postpone your trip, allowing time to save up and take the vacation of your dreams.