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4 Healthy Tips to Conquer Wedding Stress

There is so much involved in the wedding planning process. With so many professionals in your area, choosing between vendors and services in itself can be stressful. Having too much to do and not enough help can cause anxiety—especially if you’re an already taxed out bride. Not to mention wedding-related stress can cause a variety of health problems including breakouts, heart problems, poor wedding diet , and high blood pressure. So if you can control your stress for something as important as your own wedding, you will be doing yourself a lot of good.

Below are four healthy tips designed to conquer stress and help you keep your cool until the big day.

1. Don't be afraid to ask for help
Your fiance is having a wedding too; don’t be afraid to ask him for help. In addition, your wedding coordinator, parents, siblings and friends are all there for a reason—you should never have to go about the wedding planning alone.

2. Stay organized
One surefire way to eliminate unneeded stress is to create a timeline for your wedding and wedding diet and stick to it. When deadlines get down to the wire, your stress is bound to go through the roof, so by planning ahead you can easily eliminate that problem. Plus, the sooner you find your florist, caterer and nutritionist for your wedding diet , the sooner you can move on to other wedding checklist items (like finding your mother-in-law a dress that you both will love).

3. Think budget friendly
Find things that are affordable, even if your budget is okay. The more debt you rack up with planning your wedding, the more stressed out you will become. If you make smart financial decisions with wedding purchases on the front end, you’ll definitely reap the benefits later on down the line. Several boutiques and wedding professionals are willing to work within your budget—so don’t hesitate to stick to your guns when it comes to talking money with wedding vendors.

4. Take some time to just relax
Set aside some "me" time that doesn’t include anything involving your wedding. Take a yoga class, read a book, add a few healthy treats to your wedding diet , or schedule a mini pre-wedding getaway with your fiance even if it’s just checking into a local hotel for a night. Listen to your body—if it’s telling you to slow down, do it! Your health should be your most important priority.

There is no such thing as planning a wedding without stress. But knowing how to deal with and manage stress and will keep you from going over the edge to going over the threshold in one piece.