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Getting in Shape for Your Wedding

If ever there were a number one reason to hit the gym, your wedding would be it. It’s the perfect opportunity to get in shape and be your best self. While some brides go hard core with boot camps and personal trainers, others cut back on calories and skip dessert on a wedding diet. Whatever your method of shedding those unwanted pounds and toning up for your wedding, here are five tips to keep you healthy and motivated while getting in shape for the big day.

Map it Out
Just like you have a goal for wedding planning, you should have a plan and a goal when starting your fitness regimen. Determine where your problem areas are and make a fitness regime to help target those spots. Whether it’s washboard abs or toned arms, find workouts that will maximize your benefits.

Moderation Matters
Pushing yourself to complete that last set of reps or cutting out 150 calories from your wedding diet can be beneficial, but not at the sake of your health. Chances are your body is already experiencing heightened levels of stress. So take it easy. Listen to your body and don’t overexert yourself. The key to a great workout isn’t how long you stay in the gym, but what you do while you’re there.

Switch it Up
Boredom is the one thing people complain about most when working out and sticking to a wedding diet. Even if you work up a great sweat on the treadmill, there are other machines and exercises that will get your body in perfect wedding-ready shape. Take a yoga class, swim a few laps in the pool or take your pooch out for a run in the park—switching up your routine will not only help you to avoid a fitness rut, your body will also respond better to variety.

Eat Healthy
You may see short term benefits to crash dieting, but it’s not good for your overall health. Skip the fad diet and up your intake of leafy greens, vegetables and other good-for-you foods. To satisfy your sweet tooth, switch to hearth healthy dark chocolate or fruit.

Stay Hydrated
Drinking water has a ton of health benefits for your wedding diet. It removes impurities from your body, keeps your digestive system working properly, it boots your metabolism, and it also gives your skin a radiant glow! Finding it hard to fit in eight glasses a day? Give your water the spa treatment by adding lemon or lime wedge for a refreshing taste.