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Spotlight Your Preferences With a Wedding Registry

Like most couples, you and your fiance will receive wedding gifts both before and after the big day. But your needs and wishes won’t be known to everyone. That’s where your bridal registry and wedding planning come in. By registering for certain items, you help gift-givers purchase those things you’ll most cherish. It’s a win-win situation.

Wedding gift registries let your selections range from traditional items, like crystal and china, to non-traditional presents, like camping gear, power tools or computer accessories. You can even set up ways for your friends and family to help with honeymoon costs or the down payment on a house.

There are many stores with online bridal registry options. These not only guide gift-givers, they indicate when a particular item has been bought, which prevents duplication. Some also let you scan bar codes directly from your choices to make the process even simpler.

Once your bridal registry list is completed and uploaded, it can be visited by friends, family and guests, often via the Internet. Larger stores have their bridal registry lists online. Your gift-givers use your last names to find your list in the registry database. Then they can buy an item online, at the store or by calling customer service representatives on toll-free numbers.

Pick a range of differently priced items. It’s the best way to assure there are options available that can be afforded. We suggest registering six months or longer before your wedding date. By registering early, you give your friends, family and guests a chance to consider their choices and to most easily pay for them.

For those couples who already have most of the items they need, bridal registry gifts of money are often the most desired. If you decide on this, you can set up a bank account for this specific purpose. Your guests then simply deposit their gifts. Ask your wedding party, parents, family and friends to broadcast your preference and, if asked, to indicate that a deposit or check would be gratefully received. Checks sent before the wedding date are usually made out to either you or your fiance. But both names usually appear on checks sent or given on and after your wedding day.

Even if you opt for gifts of money, there may be some guests who would prefer to give you an actual gift. So establish a limited bridal registry for them to choose from. And don’t forget that any gift, whether it’s cash or a long-desired item, deserves the same warm and timely thank-you note.