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Spring 2010 Wedding Colors

If there’s one phrase that could sum up the look of spring 2010 it’s “bold and bright.” Designers are forecasting mood-lifting colors as must-haves for April-May nuptials. Here, a list of the top 10 colors you’ll see at spring 2010 weddings.
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Vibrant and pretty, this jeweled toned color has been a favorite of spring brides many times over.

Deep Red

The universal color for love, so it’s no surprise that Red makes the list for spring.


A pick for your spring 2010 beach wedding.


A great option for bridesmaid dresses and florals.


A muted brown with gray undertones. Perfect for wedding menswear.


Sunny and cheery. Think bright yellow accents at an outdoor garden wedding.


Not quite navy, but not as light as Carolina blue. This shade is warm and tropical.

Pale Pink

luxurious and soft, pale pink looks great on just about every skin tone.

Army Green

Pair with beige and violet for a subdued color palette.

Light Gray

A beautiful compliment to this season’s coral and pale pink.

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