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How to Make a Wedding Scrapbook

Traditionally, wedding photo albums have been the centerpieces for mementos and memories of this romantic occasion. But increasingly, brides are supplementing the photo album with wedding scrapbooks. In fact, wedding scrapbooking has become a popular craft pursued by many American brides.

Some are simple guest books with names, dates and salutations. But other, more ambitious efforts can detail the events, emotions and crises of your entire engagement. You can narrowly focus on one or two events—the ceremony and reception, for instance—or range from your engagement through the honeymoon and beyond. Wedding scrapbooking is a good way to include all your favorite memories into one fun book.

A typical scrapbook holds messages from guests, a record of gifts you received and from whom, your wedding invitation and related material, and pages of candid and formal photographs. It’s also nice to include your garter, his boutonniere or some pressed flowers from your bouquet.

As the demand for wedding scrapbooking grows, so do the quality and number of related products. Many card and stationery companies, both large and small, now have scrapbook lines. These can include theme kits with suggested designs, borders, frames and stickers, as well as basic equipment like adhesives, pens, scissors and the albums themselves. Such products can be bought at stationery, hobby and crafts stores across the nation.

If you are thinking about wedding scrapbooking, start collecting photographs, mementos and memorabilia right after your engagement. Carry a camera to wedding-related events like gown shopping, reception site tours, your shower and the like. Ask your attendants and family to look for and collect items and images for you.

Once you have everything pulled together, organize it into a creative whole. Your structure can be chronological, by subject or based on specific events. Experiment with several layouts of each page before adhering items to the page. Take care not to smear adhesive where you don’t want it.

Keep memorabilia like invitations, napkins and programs separate from photographs. If they’re not acid-free, they’ll damage your photos. Be wary of “cropping” your photos without great care. It’s easy to diminish an image through overzealous trimming. Use plastic page protector, which are usually provided, to protect your photographs.

An important wedding scrapbook element is the chance to add journal entries. By verbally setting the scene for events like the bachelorette party or the rehearsal dinner, you make the scrapbook even more valuable.

Through your creative use of photos, memorabilia and journal entries included with wedding scrapbooking, you’ll have a long lasting treasure of memories to recall throughout your married life.