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Six Common Mistakes in Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Keep your wedding planning running smoothly by avoiding these common wedding invitation etiquette mistakes and faux pas.

# 1: Sending invitations too late
It's easy to get sidetracked while preparing for your wedding. But don't forget to set aside enough time to order and mail out your invitations. Since wedding invitations should be sent two months ahead of the wedding date, give yourself an additional two months (four months total) to order, proof and finalize invitations prior to sending to guests.

# 2: Mentioning the gift registry with the wedding invitation
Wedding etiquette says that it is in poor taste to send a list of registries with your wedding invitation. Wait until your guests ask where you’re registered to provide that information.

# 3: Mailing invitations with incorrect postage
Your wedding invitation will have lots of pieces inside, making it heavier than a standard letter or greeting card. Before mailing out invitations, take a sample of the completed wedding stationary to your local post office and have it weighed to determine the correct postage amount.

# 4: Suggesting a dress code for your wedding
Let the formality or casual tone of your
wedding invitation etiquette dictate to guests the type of ceremony you will have, and furthermore, the kind of attire they should sport.

# 5: Not providing direction cards for guests
You're bound to have a few out of town guests in attendance at your wedding. Help them navigate the city by supplying driving directions to the ceremony and reception sites.

# 6: Including the reception details on the ceremony invitation
If your wedding reception will take place at a separate location from the ceremony, it's best to provide a reception card along with the invitation, according to
wedding invitation etiquette. (It’s an especially good idea to send a separate reception card if your reception guest list does not include everyone who attended your wedding ceremony). However, if your reception and ceremony will be held in the same location, and all are invited, the phrase "reception immediately following" is OK to add at the bottom of the invitation. Also, remember to indicate the date for returning RSVPs on the reception card or wedding invitation.

Wedding invitation etiquette can help answer tough questions about inviting quests to share in your day. While you should never feel obligated to follow every rule to the letter, etiquette simply provides easy solutions for making family and friends feel welcome when attending your wedding ceremony and reception.