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Wedding Invitations on a Budget

With an uncertain economic future ahead of us, many engaged couples want to keep their wedding budget under control. In an attempt to save money for other wedding expenses, many wedding couples choose to go the do-it-yourself route when it comes to their wedding invitations. But before you run off to your nearest craft store, there are a couple things you’ll want to consider first.

Most invitations shops or websites will carry budget wedding invitations where you will find wedding invitations and response cards for as low as $100. These invitations will normally include double envelopes, raised ink printing, and a variety of fonts, colors, motifs, and monograms to choose from. The response card will also include raised ink printing and printed response card envelopes. Not to mention, you can receive some expert advice on invitation wording and set-up from an invitation consultant. If you shop for invitations at your local craft store, you will probably spend at least $80 just on the blank invitations and envelopes.

Invitation kits normally retail for $40 for a pack of 50 invitations and may not include response cards. You’ll then have to spend countless hours setting up the invitation to print on your home computer and feed each invitation individually into your home printer that is not capable of handling heavy cardstock.

Consider another DIY invitation scenario—you purchase colored card stock, envelopes and vellum for your invitation overlay. You’ll still spend at least $80 for the material before you head home for a weekend of invitation printing and assembly. Let’s face it, planning your wedding is time consuming and stressful enough. Printing your own wedding invitations will just add to the drama.

Another creative solution is the seal-n-send wedding invitation. Seal-n-sends are invitations and response cards all in one convenient piece. There are no envelopes needed, you just seal and send them! Although this is a non-traditional and more casual approach to your wedding invitations, it may be the answer to your prayers considering the response card is a detachable postcard that only requires a .27 cent stamp. You can find seal n’ sends for as little as $119.00 per 100.

We hope this information will serve useful in the search for your perfect wedding invitation! Remember that your wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding day and can get your guests really excited about joining you for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

Vivian McEntyre is the owner of La Vita Allegra, an invitation boutique located in Historic Roswell, GA. The store's name is derived from McEntyre's maiden name "Allegra", which is Italian for "happy" or "cheerful." La Vita Allegra translates to "The Happy Life."