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Wedding Stationery: 6 Modern Trends for Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation is the first impression you will make for your upcoming event. Not only should it share the critical details surrounding your big day (date, time, location, etc.) it should also serve as a subtle reminder to guests on the tone and theme for your wedding. Here, we offer six fresh new ideas that push the envelope, rethinking traditional rules of wedding invitations and stationery.

Amazing Motifs
The great thing about motifs is they use artistic enhancements to help drive home your wedding’s theme. Seasonal images such as a pine cones or sprigs of greenery, a skyline sketch of the city where your wedding will take place, or the use of an unexpected font are just a few popular motifs for contemporary wedding invitations.

Lovely Letterpress
A cost-effective alternative to engraving, letterpress gives off the appearance of images or typeface “pressed” into the paper. This old school printing technique has found new life as a popular printing option with modern-day couples. It’s raised surface rendering has a chic, sophisticated feel.

Shape Shifting
Wedding invitations today come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. The traditional 5 x 7 invite now stands alongside more avant-garde dimensions of vertical and horizontal varieties. Some popular shapes include 5.25 x 5.25, 7.00 x 5.00, and 4 x 9.25.

Lively Linings
Lined envelopes are a big trend in wedding stationary. Guests will love the peek-a-boo surprise of colorful paper or quirky designs like damask or polka dots as the introduction to your special announcement.

Prints & Patterns
Filling in blank spaces on with patterns and prints lends an artistic feel to wedding invitations. Adding a border, a monogram or even a washed-out background detail to your wedding invitations is a subtle way to create a unique visual effect.

Color Coordinated
Selections for wedding invitations offer a number of dynamic colors and styles, so don’t be afraid to switch things up and go with a fun hue. Remember--select the option that best fits your personality to help convey the tone and theme of your wedding to guests.