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Wedding Stationery: Writing Thank-You Notes

Thank-you notes are traditionally the final piece of stationery in wedding invitation etiquette. After any wedding, an important obligation is to thank those who participated—the officiant, each gift giver and all those who helped make your celebration special. Here, suggestions for writing and sending thank-you notes to friends and loved ones.

Wedding thank-you notes personalize your gratitude

Telephone calls, voice-mails, e-mails and faxes just don’t possess the same kind of warmth and longevity.

Today, both the bride and the groom can write them

Often, it’s easiest if each of you writes to your own friends and family. Then divide the remainder between you. Order your thank-you notes and related stationery well in advance. Most brides include thank-you notes with their initial invitations order. You can select a thank-you card or folded note paper that carries out the theme and style of your wedding.

Mail your thank-you notes and letters as soon as possible

Notes for gifts received before the wedding should be sent within two weeks after you get them, according to proper wedding invitation etiquette. Mail thank you notes for wedding gifts during the month following your honeymoon.You should never send thank-you notes later than three months after the wedding.

Establish a system to track each gift and who gave what and when

Some bridal registries include messages or computer printouts, when they ship your gifts, that indicate the purchasers. But because you’ll probably get presents you didn’t register for,it’s best to record who gave you each gift. You can even use a hand-written list, notebook or index cards. For organized wedding planning, include a section just for this purpose. Keeping a computer spreadsheet is another option. Record the details needed for writing wedding thank you notes to ensure proper wedding invitation etiquette. When a gift is given from a group of people, such as co-workers, each person deserves a thank you. Since you’ll want to send a thank you in the appropriate time frame, include the date the gift was received and whether it was a shower or wedding gift.

Be specific when writing gift descriptions for wedding invitation etiquette

For example, note that you got a pair of Waterford “Prosperity” champagne flutes from your uncle and a pair of Waterford “Love” flutes from the best man. At pre-wedding events like bridal showers and bridesmaid luncheons, have someone write down your gifts, who gave them and detailed descriptions as you open them.

Writing wedding thank-you notes doesn’t have to include a long winded message

According to wedding invitation etiquette, your thank you note should consist of four parts:

1. The date
2. A salutation the formality of which is based on your relationship with the gift-giver
3. A message that expresses your gratitude, mentions the gift and its usefulness, and actually says “thank you.”If the gift was monetary, mention how you plan to use it. A personal reference to your new spouse is a frequent and welcome touch.
4. A closing that, again depending on your relationship, can range from formal to affectionate.

The appearance of your thank-you notes will reflect on you

Don’t mail any that have crossed out words, misspellings or smudges. Put the note in its envelope with the written side up so it can easily be opened and read.

Writing wedding thank-you notes might sound arduous. . .

But it’s fun if you approach it positively and with gratitude. Establish a wedding invitation etiquette routine. Have the address of each person you need to thank handy. Refer carefully to your notes. Put a check mark next to the giver’s name after the thank-you note has been written. And don’t try to do all of the notes at once—pace yourself.

Your friends, family and guests want you to like their gifts. They put time,thought and expense into their choices. Sending a warm, personal thank-you note shows how truly grateful you are.