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2010 Wedding Trends: Wedding Reception Decor

This year,wedding reception decor is getting a bit more personal. From funky centerpieces to boldly-colored chair covers and everything else in between, couples are finding unique ways to infuse elements of their personality into the look and feel of the reception. Here, we list seven reception decor trends for wedding planning that will leave your guests breathless.

1. Endearing Emblems: monograms were a bit hit with weddings in 2008 and 2009. Today, it’s all about the emblem—an icon or design that signifies your union. Incorporate your emblem into everything from the invitations to the napkins, even the ice sculpture.

2. Textural Touches: For a bit of organic oomph, try mixing natural greenery such as leaves, sprigs and berries to floral arrangements.

3. Unique Place Cards: If calligraphy on card stock isn’t your cup of tea, try a more playful way to render wedding reception place cards. Some eye-catching ideas include chalkboards, movie-tickets or even gift tags hung on wineglass stems.

4. Cultural Cues: Take bits of your own ethnic culture and put it on display, such as paper lantern luminaries, origami centerpieces or tribal symbols on menus.

5. Home Accents: Mirrors, cozy chairs and table lamps can give your wedding reception decor an at-home feel.

6. Conversation Tables: Buffets take a backseat to conversation-friendly dining. Long tables allow for more interaction and face time with other wedding guests. Take it a step further by naming each table after an endearing element of your personality (location of your first date, your hometown, college mascot, etc.)

7. Rustic Glassware: For outdoor affairs with a down-home theme, use Mason jars as vases and candle holders.