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Bachelor Party Alternatives

Bachelor parties are the traditional guys-only last hurrah before the wedding day, usually filled with debauchery and an all night drinking games. But not every guy is the bar and strip club type. If you’re planning a shindig for your best buddy, here are some wedding planning ideas for alternative bachelor parties that won’t land you in jail or the dog house.

Breaking bread has always been a popular way to bond with those closest to you. Try out a great steakhouse or five-star favorite in your town to get together with the guys.

Golf retreat
Play 18 holes in style at a swank golf resort.

Hit the slopes
Grab your snowboard and skis and head West to check out some of the best ski destinations this country has to offer. A wedding planning word to the wise: If the groom's a novice, take a beginners class before you even think of hitting the double black diamond. The last accessory he'll need on his wedding day is a cast.

Road tripping
Hit the highway with a map and a playlist of favorite tunes while coasting through wide open spaces. Pimp your ride by upgrading to an RV for the ultimate driving experience.

Roughin’ it
One surefire bonding experience: breaking brews over the campfire.

The need for speed
Head to the track for a day at the races—the superspeedway that is. Race car driving schools let you get behind authentic NASCAR and Indy-style cars to burn rubber like the pros.

Surf’s up
Find a beach and grab your boards for a fun day of surfing.

Adventure seekers
Book a pre-wedding planning activity like bungee jumping, skydiving or white water rafting. Nothing makes a man feel like a man better than extreme sports.

High rollers
Find the nearest casino for some Vegas-style fun. If that’s not an option, host a game night at the home of one of the groomsmen.

Play ball
Organize a team sporting event of football, basketball, soccer, etc.

In Video
Plug in your Xbox, Playstation or other video gaming system for an all night tournament.

The best bachelor party is one that matches the groom's personality and makes him feel like the star of the show. Be sure to pick wedding planning activities that he’ll want to participate in and not force him to do anything he feels uncomfortable doing. You’re his groomsman for a reason; make him proud by planning a night (or weekend) he’ll always remember.