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Bachelorette Parties: Budget-friendly Ideas

Don’t let limited funds for wedding planning put a damper in your plans for throwing your bud the best bachelorette party. Here a few budget-friendly ideas for throwing her a “goodbye to single life” soiree she won’t soon forget.

Backyard BBQ
Throw a few steak on the grill, prepare a few of your favorite mixed drinks and sit back in the relaxing atmosphere of a backyard bbq to honor your bride-to-be. Turn up the tunes and enjoy this fun, low maintenance.

The Suite Life
You’re never too old for a good sleepover. Grab the bridesmaids and take over a hotel suite for one night. Catch up on girl talk and order room service at this bachelorette party favorite. Some hotels even offer discounts for wedding planning events, including bachelorette parties. To find a hotel in your area, see Honeymoon and Travel.

Dancing Machine
If your bride loves to groove, get dressed to the nines and take her out for a night of dancing to a few of her favorite dance clubs. With this smart bachelorette party option, the most you’ll incur in out-of-pocket expenses is club admission, rounds of drinks and possibly, a designated driver.

Beach Party
If you live near a beach, a sunset bonfire is a great cost-effective bachelorette party. Bonfire menus are simple to create, with foods that are easily heated on an open flame. Gather around the campfire and reminisce on the good old days. Don’t forget the s’mores and hot dogs!

Beauty on the Cheap
If your bride has done most of the wedding planning herself, chances are she’s due a visit to the spa for a little de-stressing. Forgo the pricey European venues for your bachelorette party and head straight to a reputable beauty school or local, franchised spas that specialize in affordable services.

Of course, these are only a few wedding planning ideas for budget-friendly bachelorette parties. Remember, splitting the cost between bridesmaids is a great way to curb expenses and is usually thought of as a nice gesture from the group to the woman of the hour. Also, don't forget to pick up a local city guide to find fun, reasonably priced venues, adventures and events to celebrate your blushing bride.