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Bridal Shower Games

Playing games are a great way to break the ice at a bridal shower. Here, five fun activities to get the party started.

Name that Couple
What you need: name tags
How to play: Create a list of famous couples. They can be actual people (William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman), television characters (Ross and Rachel from Friends) or even cartoon couples (Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse). When guests arrive, write each name on a different name tag and place it on a back. Once everyone has a name tag and all couples have a “mate” represented, guests then go around the room asking for clues to guess who their character is (Am I living or alive? Am I a real person or a television character?) Once a couple has discovered their own identity and their better half, they win!

Wedding Word Jumble
What you need: Dry erase board or Large tablet; answer sheets and pens for each guest
How to play: Have someone write 10-15 jumbled wedding planning-related terms (bride, groom, reception, ceremony, etc.) on the dry erase board or tablet and have guests unscramble the words on answer sheets. Whoever has the most bridal shower words unscrambled at the end of the 20 minutes is the winner.

Tissue Wedding Dress Design
What you need: Teams of three (two designers, one “model” bride); 3 rolls of tissue
How to play: Each team is responsible for designing a wedding dress out of their 3 rolls of toilet tissue. Each team has 30 minutes to complete a head to toe wedding dress look on their model “bride.” At the end of the 30 minutes, the group with the most original design wins.

Clothespin Challenge
What you need: A box of clothespins
How to play: When guests arrive to the bridal shower, tell them a keyword or phrase that’s off-limits to say during the party and give them a clothespin to wear. Whenever a guest is overheard saying the keyword, take their clothespin and keep it for the rest of the party. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the shower is the winner.

I Never
What you need: Wine or Liquor
How to play: Bridal shower guests take turns going around the room saying the words “I never . . .” and completing the sentence with a fun or outrageous action. For example, “I never . . . went topless on a beach.” If someone in the room has participated in the activity, they must take a sip of wine or a shot of alcohol. Since this game can get a little out of hand, it’s best if played at an overnight bridal shower or with designated drivers handy!

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