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How to Deliver a Great Groom's Speech

It’s natural to be nervous about what to say during your groom’s speech. After all, men aren’t always known for being the most sentimental creatures—especially when it comes to affairs of the heart. But taking the time to pen an honest and heartfelt "thank you" to your bride, friends and family as part of your wedding planning is a worthwhile effort that those closest to you will treasure for years to come.

As you prepare to write your groom’s speech, make a list of all those you’d like to recognize. Your bride, of course, as well as your parents will certainly make the cut, but what about the other important folks who deserve a nod? Maybe your cousin who introduced you to your wife? Or perhaps the college buddy who went with you to pick out the engagement ring? Consider all those who helped make the day possible—without their wedding planning advice, love and support you wouldn’t be there celebrating your wedding day—and find an endearing way to include them in your speech.

As a rule of thumb in wedding etiquette, the father of the bride is usually the first to receive acknowledgment. Let him know how much you respect him and thank him for giving his blessing to have his daughter's hand in marriage. Next, thank the bride’s mother for her wedding planning support and for her success in raising such a wonderful person—who happens to be the woman you love!

Next in line to thank are your parents. As you turn to your mom and dad, tell them how much you love and appreciate them for giving you guidance throughout your life. Let them know how happy you are that they’re present to share with you in this precious moment, and how you look forward to them being there to witness many milestones as you grow as a couple. After you’ve saluted both sets of parents, your groom’s speech should highlight the wedding planning party and other special guests. You can use this moment to recount funny stories, special memories and the sort. Remember, your families are present, so it might be a good idea to leave out any distasteful jokes or not reveal any moments that might embarrass you, or worse, your bride.

Next up is the best man. After all, he’s your best man for a reason; take this time to tell him why. Explain how much his friendship means to you and why you chose him to serve in that important wedding planning role. You can tell a funny story here as well, but remember, be tactful, as to not make anyone feel uncomfortable at the mention of a tasteless remark.

Now, for the moment that everyone is waiting for; it’s time for you turn to your lovely bride and verbally express your love for her. One charming way to relay the sentiment is to weave together a story with a central theme. For example, let her know how you felt when you first met; how excited you were when you two went on your first date; or tell her she’s your first love. Let the theme of "firsts" become the focal point and finish by saying how you can’t wait until you share other "firsts" with her as well. By putting a little emotion into what you say to your bride during the wedding planning of the groom's speech, you can guarantee there won’t be a dry eye in the house!

And as the grand finale of your groom’s speech, raise your glass, pull your bride close to you and toast to your new lives together as husband and wife