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Tips for Planning a Coed Bridal Shower

Togetherness is what marriage is all about. Coed bridal showers can help set the stage for your life together. By including your fiance in the bridal shower and wedding planning process, your newlywed home can reflect both of your tastes. In fact, now-a-days, grooms play a much more active role in all wedding aspects, including gift registry. Coed bridal showers have turned bridal registries and gift giving upside-down.

Although classic items like china and crystal appear on most registry lists, showers no longer focus on kitchenware. Instead, you and your fiance can choose gifts that reflect your interests, hobbies and even professions. Items like electronic devices, gardening tools, sports equipment and camping gear are more frequently appearing on registry lists.

Because of busy lifestyles, coed bridal showers are rarely surprises. Smart organizers consult you and your groom about timing, the setting and even the tone and theme.

Coed showers often have themes. Depending on what you and your fiance want, these themes are limited only by your imagination. Some popular ones include “Garden Party,” ”Wine Cellar,” “Gourmet Goodies,” Great Outdoors” and “Camping Weekend.” Because a themed wedding shower spotlights the bridal couple and their interests, guests can be more creatively and intimately involved.

Just as styles change and evolve, so does the planning process and wedding process. Coed showers are just the beginning.