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Wedding Menswear Trends: Revamping Wedding Style In 2024

Looking special on your big day isn’t just for women – it’s important to men, too. And male guests want to shine just as much as their female counterparts.

Traditional attire has evolved, allowing grooms and groomsmen to express their personal style while adhering to a wedding’s ceremonial elegance.

As designers merge classic tailoring with modern trends, selecting the right suit or tuxedo becomes a pivotal part of wedding planning.

Wedding Menswear Trends

Understanding the essentials of wedding suits and tuxedos is crucial to strike the perfect balance between timeless sophistication and contemporary flair.

Complementing these foundational garments with the right accessories further personalizes your wedding attire, ensuring you look as memorable as the occasion.

With options ranging from boldly patterned linings to bespoke shoe choices, the modern groom has an array of options to tailor his look, and we’re going to take you through your various choices in today’s guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Select a suit or tuxedo that reflects both traditional elegance and your personal style.
  • Accentuate your wedding attire with accessories for a unique and sophisticated look.
  • Explore current trends and tailor your outfit to embody contemporary wedding fashion.

Menswear In Modern Weddings

When you attend a modern wedding, the groom and groomsmen’s attire reflects the event’s elegance and the couple’s personal style.

Contemporary wedding menswear is characterized by timeless staples and new, trend-driven choices with a focus on:

  • Smart Tailoring: Grooms are leaning towards soft tailoring—a trend that offers a relaxed yet sophisticated silhouette. This style accommodates a variety of body types and increases comfort without sacrificing formality.
  • Color & Fabric: Consider lightweight wool-cotton blends for refinement during spring or summer weddings. Simple, classic groom suit looks could feature a soft baby blue suit, an excellent choice for a fresh and airy aesthetic.
  • Accessorizing: Accessories are your opportunity to personalize your attire. A solid black tie is a menswear essential, while a more luxurious option, like a silk satin tie, can elevate the entire ensemble.

Groomswear Essentials:

The non-negotiables for your groomswear are:

  • Tailored suit jacket and trousers
  • Crisp dress shirt
  • Solid tie or bowtie
  • Dress shoes

Menswear at weddings is no longer just an afterthought but a significant aspect of the day’s theme.

For instance, the bride and groom might coordinate details such as color schemes or fabric textures to present a cohesive look.

Your wedding attire can embody the tradition and the personal touch you bring to the celebration, ensuring that your look is as memorable as the day itself.

Remember, your choice of menswear plays a pivotal role in the wedding’s overall aesthetic and your comfort. Choose wisely to stand out for the right reasons.

Essentials Of Wedding Suits And Tuxedos

When considering your options for wedding menswear, the essentials boil down to understanding the dress code, selecting a suit or tuxedo that fits perfectly, and choosing the right colors and fabrics for the season and venue.

Decoding Dress Codes For Wedding Menswear

Wedding invitations often come with a specific dress code, ranging from casual to black tie. Understanding these terms is crucial to selecting the appropriate outfit.

A classic black tuxedo with a tuxedo shirt and bow tie is standard for a black-tie event.

Semi-formal events may call for a dark suit, whereas a beach wedding or destination wedding often allows for lighter fabrics and colors.

Selecting The Perfect Fit And Style

Fit is paramount when it comes to wedding suits and tuxedos. The right fit will look sharp and provide comfort throughout the event.

Opt for a tailored fit, ensuring the suit or tuxedo complements your body shape.

Styles range from single to double-breasted, and your choice should align with your personal style and the formality of the occasion.

Incorporating Color And Fabric Trends

The trend for wedding suits and tuxedos extends to colors and fabrics.

While a black tuxedo is timeless, exploring different hues can be a refreshing take on traditional wear.

For fabric selections, consider:

  • Silk is for a luxurious sheen and is ideal for formal occasions.
  • A linen blend might benefit summer weddings because it allows for breathability.
  • For fall ceremonies, consider wool for warmth and texture.

Accessories That Elevate The Outfit

A wedding ensemble isn’t just about the suit or tuxedo; the accessories truly complete the look.

From timeless pieces to seasonal selections, the right accents can transform your outfit into an elegant statement.

Timeless Choices For A Dapper Look

Our pick of timeless wedding pieces includes:

  • Pocket Squares: The classic pocket square adds a pop of color and refinement to your suit. For a harmonious appearance, ensure it complements your tie or shirt.
  • Bow Ties: A black bow tie is synonymous with formality. Opting for a silk bow tie can inject an element of sophistication into your ensemble.
  • Cufflinks: These small yet impactful accessories should not be overlooked. Choose cufflinks that reflect your personal style while maintaining an air of formality.
  • Vests: A traditional, well-fitted vest adds depth to your wedding attire. The vest should match the fabric and color of a three-piece suit.

Seasonal Trends In Wedding Accessories

If you want to capture the essence of the season, try:

  • Scarves: In cooler seasons, a scarf can be both stylish and practical. A fine silk or light wool scarf can complement your suit without overshadowing it.
  • Lapel Decorations: Embellishments on the lapel, like a floral boutonniere or a dazzling brooch, are perfect for adding seasonal flair.
  • Pearls: Incorporating pearls subtly, like in a tie pin or lapel pin, aligns with recent trends and adds a touch of timeless luxury.

Cutting-Edge Menswear Designers And Brands

When considering your wedding attire, knowing the latest offerings from top menswear designers and brands is essential.

These selections represent the pinnacle of style, allowing you to look your best on your special day.

High Fashion Influences On Wedding Attire

High fashion has always significantly impacted wedding menswear, guiding the aesthetics and fabrics used by designers.

Brands like Dior Men have set trends with elegant tailoring and luxurious fabrics.

Rick Owens’ distinctive take on menswear brings an edgy nuance, often incorporating interesting textures and non-traditional silhouettes.

Dries Van Noten‘s eclectic styles invite a blend of bold prints and classic cuts, perfect for those who seek a unique wedding look.

If you follow the stylish visuals by Jonathan Anderson and Kiko Kostadinov, you will find contemporary designs that push the boundaries while still fitting the wedding aesthetic.

Saint Laurent, Raf Simons, and Kenzo offer suits and garments that speak to a refined yet modern taste.

If you are drawn to the progressive Vetements and Doubtlet, with their modern cuts and daring styles, continue to redefine what wedding attire can be.

Affordable Luxury: Tailoring And Ready-to-Wear Options

You may desire the look of designer brands like Prada, Fendi, and Sacai without the associated price tags.

Tailored and ready-to-wear options that embrace high fashion elements are available in that case.

Brands like Suitsupply and Indochino Craft Suits offer the perfect balance between sophistication and price, allowing you to showcase luxury without breaking the bank.

With Brooks Brothers and Emporio Armani, you get timeless designs that echo the cuts and compositions of higher-end labels.

Denim may not be conventional wedding attire, but brands like Louis Vuitton and Moschino have incorporated denim elements into suits, offering a contemporary twist for more casual weddings.

For a suave, modern look, investing in pieces from these brands ensures that you’re both on-trend and dressed appropriately for your occasion.

Personalizing Wedding Menswear

Creating a unique wedding look is about expressing your style and opting for elements that reflect your identity.

Custom tailoring and distinctive clothing choices allow you to showcase your individuality on this significant occasion.

Custom Tailoring For Individual Preferences

The foundation of personalizing your wedding menswear begins with custom tailoring. A suit tailored to your proportions enhances comfort and ensures you carry an air of power and masculinity.

Opt for a double-breasted suit to make a bold statement, or choose a single-breasted look with sharp lapels for a timeless appeal.

Tailoring extends beyond the suit itself to vests and even the shoulder line of your jacket, which can be structured or unlined based on your tastes.

  • Lapels: Choose from notch, peak, or shawl styles.
  • Vests: Select a cut that complements your suit jacket.
  • Proportions: Ensure everything from jacket length to sleeve width is adjusted for you.

Remember, tailors can also adjust the break of your trousers—perfect for those wanting to go sockless with loafers for a casual yet chic look.

Expressing Identity And Style Through Clothing

Your wedding attire is a canvas for expressing your identity and personal style.

Whether embracing queerness through fashion or blending traditional masculinity with feminity, the key lies in the details.

Consider brands like Ami, Loewe, or Todd Snyder for contemporary twists on classic suiting.

For a more relaxed vibe, consider outfits by Casablanca or Hed Mayner, which bring a playful edge to cocktail attire.

Brands like KidSuper and Y/Project push the boundaries with silliness and innovation, which is ideal for a casual wedding.

Our Final Word

Men can enjoy wedding wear too – and with a little insight into the latest trends and a dash of your own personality, you can shine for the special event.

Whether you’re a groom, a groomsman, or a guest, don’t be afraid to embrace fashion and find your perfect wedding look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top men’s wedding suit styles for summer 2024?

For summer 2024, lightweight fabrics like linen and seersucker dominate trends with tailored fits that offer comfort without sacrificing elegance. Bold patterns and pastel colors have become increasingly popular for their lively, season-appropriate aesthetic.

What casual menswear options are trending for weddings in 2024?

Casual weddings in 2024 are embracing relaxed yet stylish combinations. Think chambray shirts paired with dark-wash jeans or chinos, featuring accessories like leather loafers or minimalist sneakers for an effortless, chic look.

What are the latest groomswear trends for 2024 weddings?

Grooms in 2024 opt for personalized suit embellishments such as monogrammed cuffs, custom linings, and statement-making boutonnières. Textured suits with velvet or brocade jackets are also on the rise, giving groom attire a regal edge.

How have men’s suit designs evolved for the 2024 wedding season?

The 2024 wedding season has seen men’s suit designs move toward a mix of classic and contemporary. Slimmer silhouettes remain popular, and there’s an uptake in mixing traditional suit colors with modern design elements like asymmetric cuts or statement lapels.

Are there any new trends in wedding suits for men this year?

This year, there is a noticeable shift to include more eco-friendly materials in wedding suits. Suits made from sustainable fabrics like recycled wool and organic cotton make a statement, marrying style with environmental consciousness.

Is there a resurgence of any particular suit style for weddings in 2024?

Yes, the double-breasted suit is experiencing a resurgence in 2024 weddings. Revered for its sophistication, it has been updated with modern fits and lighter materials, making it a stylish yet comfortable choice for grooms and guests alike.